Friday, November 20, 2009

Living Life Without Fear

Fear can be a powerful influence in your life, often determining the actions you take or don’t take in many situations. At various times fear has probably stopped you from pursuing goals, making new friends, starting or keeping a romantic relationship, applying for a better job, starting your own business, or life changes that you would consider to be positive.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live your life without fear? Imagine if you had absolutely no fear of failure and you knew that you could accomplish anything you wanted, no limitations whatsoever. What would you do with your life? Imagine if you knew without a doubt that you deserved to have everything you want, and you had no doubts that you weren’t good enough or worthy enough. Imagine if you were no longer afraid to pursue your dreams and instead eagerly embraced opportunities to live every experience you wanted to live. What would you do if you could do anything at all? You may be thinking “It’s great to imagine all this but I still feel fearful much of the time. I’m still afraid to fail. I’m still afraid to be rejected. I’m still afraid to take a chance. How do I get past those scary feelings?”

First of all, forgive yourself for being human. It’s completely natural to have these feelings, and there is nothing wrong with you. Your body is wired to react strongly to potentially threatening situations. Your body cannot tell whether the threatening situation is truly harmful or not; it simply gives you the warning signs like a pounding heart, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, tightening muscles, and so forth. Fear can be pretty intimidating, no doubt. However, it’s important to understand that fear is just a feeling when it comes right down to it. It cannot physically hold you back from doing anything, and it cannot limit your potential unless you allow it to do so.

Overcoming the influence of fear so you can live an amazing life is a simple matter of knowing how to diffuse the fearful feelings in the heat of the moment. This can be done in a variety of ways, including the use of calming affirmations, meditation, and breath work. When you calm the thoughts that are triggering the fear response, your body will automatically calm down too. So many of us are ruled by fear. It’s one of the most damaging emotions that a person can have, and 99.9% of it is completely worthless.

I know that when I am able to do this, life is good. When I’m not able to do this, life isn't so great. And the greatness or not so greatness usually has very little to do with what’s going on around me.

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. ~Ambrose Redmoon

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making Peace with Change

The most inevitable material fact of our universe is the one we have the stormiest relationship with. Either we fight it as it is appearing, or we mourn for it as it passes us by, but we are hardly ever at peace with change.

At every instant of our lives, change is guaranteed. We fight to keep it away, or work to get it here sooner because we think we know what should happen. We are certain (sometimes rightly!) that the change coming toward us will ruin or kill us. We think and hope that the right change will fix us (or them or it) once and for all.

There’s the rub. Other than death, there is no “once and for all” regarding anything that is subject to change. If you take a moment now, you can ask yourself the question, “What changes?” Is there anything that does not change? Anybody, any situation, any location, any thought, any feeling, any opinion?

We may work for change in our political, social, or personal lives, and even rejoice when change appears, but all too soon we become fearful that it won’t be enough or that it will disappear.
It won’t be enough (nothing that is subject to change can ever be enough to truly fulfill us), and it will disappear. That’s simply and starkly the nature of change.

Change is inevitable and yet even the worst is often ultimately not bad news, though it can be when it arrives. There are certainly deeply destructive changes that threaten us now as individuals, as societies and as a planet. We are right to work to bring about positive change and try to defeat negative change. We just have to finally face the fact of change.

Facing the facts allows for adaptation, or as recently said in politics, “being on the right side of history.” We are in the midst of huge change in our country right now, and if we keep in touch through the media, we know the upheaval and hysteria that is accompanying it.

We can recognize and empathize with the anger, driven by fear of loss, in those who are desperately trying to keep what has already happened from happening. We have all tried that futile strategy in one way or another.

Historically, we know that those resisting essential changes can even be successful for a while. Revolutions can revert to what they were revolting against, and dark ages can follow ages of expansion. Resistance to change can succeed, but only for a while, because change is a force that will not be denied. Fighting it can lead to some counter-change, but you cannot get back what has been lost. You may even get a semblance of “restoration” for a while, but change will finally have its way.

If we are willing to admit to ourselves both that change is here and change is a force that is always coming, we can–paradoxically–take a moment to be still. At least for a moment we can stop fighting what we don’t like and stop clinging to what we do like. We can let ourselves be humbled by forces beyond our control.

In a moment of stillness we can recognize that through age and experience, through trauma and healing, through successes and failures there remains within us the same wonder that was revealed in our initial recognition of being. The initial I am sense is still here, unchanged. Life itself is still here, regardless of the uncountable changes in all life forms.

When our attention returns here we are fulfilled in ourselves, and then whenever changes occur, they occur around that fulfillment.

We may still fight for what we love, and resist what we think to be destructive, but we are no longer owned by those things that come and go. We are free in the midst of all that has changed and all that will change.

What an adventure!

Being the Change

In a time when our world seems to be increasingly unstable, those of us who are genuinely concerned about the future of the planet can understandably feel disheartened, and even sometimes feel as though we are losing hope that we will ever see the change we wish for. And yet, the time we are living in offers each one of us an invitation to personal change; an opportunity for the conscious evolution of our selves.

The question is… are we willing to make the changes that are needed?

In the world of social justice causes, intentions may differ, approaches will vary, and perspectives may even be in conflict. And still, with all our differences and disagreements, our passion and our fury, we are united in our desire to make the world a better place.

I'm not suggesting that we should stifle our passion, or even our anger, when it comes to injustice. Passion and justified anger are the antidotes to apathy, and if we have any chance of saving our planet and our future, it is essential that we break the spell of apathy that keeps us in the dangerous slumber of the status quo.

What I am saying is that it is possible to disagree, and to discuss issues where we don't see eye to eye, without resorting to personal attacks or insults that are intended to hurt the recipient. In short, we need to learn how to raise each other up, rather than putting each other down.

Although peace depends on every human being, it starts with us as individuals. If we create peace in our lives, this will be reflected outward.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why or Why Not Meditate?

Why or Why Not Meditate?

There are many reasons why we don’t meditate. Here are some of them: We think we don’t have enough time. We do not know “how.” We are afraid. We don’t understand the point. What for? It seems like a lot of trouble. It seems like something that is for other people, but not for us. We think we don’t need to. We don’t want to.

The truth is, a good and useful meditation can take only 5 to 10 minutes. “How” is not difficult. Everyone can do this. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are not connecting with anything “outside” yourself. You are not opening up to anything or anyone taking you over. You are connecting with your higher self. You are connecting to universal life force. You are connecting to inner wisdom. You are connecting to Source. You are going inside and learning how to empower yourself, so that you can make positive changes in your outside life.

There are many, many reasons why it is important to meditate. On the physical level, meditation has been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure and improve physical health and well being. On other levels, meditation has been shown to significantly reduce stress. Stress causes disease. If we can reduce or eliminate our stress, we will have less disease.Meditation contributes to an overall sense of well-being, therefore allowing us to be happier and more productive. Meditation does not require a great deal of effort and indeed can be done anywhere and any time. If you can close your eyes, breathe and visualize, you can meditate.

If you feel this is not for you, take a look at your life and the patterns of your life. If everything is peaceful, wonderful, and your life is exactly the way you want it, then perhaps you do not need to engage in meditation. Although, anyone whose can describe their life in this way, probably utilized the power of meditation to have it be so. And most probably continues to manifest from a meditative state of being. If you have no interest in meditating, ask yourself why? People change when the old patterns no longer serve them.

How Do We Meditate?

Meditation is not a new skill. It is ancient and we simply forgot how to do it, just as we forgot who we are with all the distractions of the world that we have created for ourselves.

Ideally, get in any comfortable position, close your eyes, and begin to take long, slow, deep breaths. The proper art of breathing is a whole subject unto itself, because it is another skill that we have forgotten how to do, however, for now, just breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. The key is focus, and in this case, one should focus on their breath.

Let all thoughts drift away as you focus on your breath entering and leaving your body. If thoughts come in, watch them come in and let them float out, along the path of the breath. Breathe in and out slowly, as you enjoy the gift of breath.

Soon, you will begin to feel a sense of deep peace and relaxation enter your body through your breath. Just let go. Relax into it.When you feel this letting go, you will want to create and visualize your sanctuary. It is from your sanctuary – this safe place – that you can truly connect with yourself and higher learning and begin to make positive changes that you bring with you into the physical realms. So, meditate?

Why not?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A List to Live By

The most destructive habit ~ Worry
You will get grey faster this way,

and bring on stomach ailments!

The greatest Joy ~ Giving
You won’t have excess baggage!

The greatest loss ~ Loss of self-respect
You must stand up for yourself!

The most satisfying work ~ Helping others
You can forget your troubles!

The ugliest personality trait ~ Selfishness
Good enough to bring on diseases for sure!
It will lead you no where and even if you did,

you’ll be back to square one.

Most endangered species ~ Dedicated Leaders
We can all join hands to enrich this.

Our Greatest natural resource ~ Our youth
Be kind and gentle to our future.

Greatest problem to Overcome ~ Fear
It can only enrich the one who fears you

which we should avoid!

Most effective sleeping pill ~ Peace of mind
At the end of our life we take nothing,

leave possession behind.

Most crippling failure disease ~ Excuses
Be yourself and don’t fear to state the truth!

The most powerful Force in Life ~ Love
There’s no limit to it!

World's most Incredible computer ~ The brain
Relax it and use it wisely!

Worst thing to be without ~ Hope
Though, you can make it happen!

The deadliest weapon ~ The tongue
Use it wisely, so you don’t have regrets.

The two most powerful words ~ "I Can"
Do anything!

The two most potent words ~ "I Am"

Brings anything to YOU.

The Greatest asset ~ Faith
It can move mountains.

The most beautiful attire ~ SMILE!
You can exercise the muscles of your face.

The most prized possession ~ Integrity
And you have it all!

Most powerful channel of communication ~ Prayer
Talk to your maker in good and bad times.

The most contagious spirit ~ Enthusiasm
It can spread happiness!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is Duality an illusion?

If duality is an illusion, then unity will not be established. Both have their values, and without duality, unity has no substance. Both are natural, both are true. That is the nature of the world. Like light and darkness, the contradictions exist, they are there. The North Pole is there, and so is the South Pole.

“The two fullnesses” complement each other. There is 100 percent diversity and 100 percent unity, both performing their work at the same time. That is the nature of the work of creation, this is true reality.

To us, one seems real and the other unreal. The reality is that both are real at the same time. As water is true, so ice is true. Both are quite opposed to each other, and yet their affinity is so great that the ice cannot exist without the water–it is water and nothing but water.

So unity and diversity are there together and at the same time.

The highest goal of existence, then, is to achieve “200 percent of life.” Life is a field of unlimited possibilities. Such is the glory of total flexibility in the human nervous system. This is a tremendously important point. It says that we can bypass the limited, bounded choices that we are used to making and go directly to the solution of any problem. The basis for this assertion is that nature has already structured the solution in our consciousness.

The problems are in the field of diversity, while the solutions are in the field of unity. Going straight to the field of unity automatically hits upon the solution, which the mind-body system then carries out.

Benefits of Meditation

The aim of Yoga, of union, is to unite the thinking mind with its source in pure awareness. In modern terms, “pure awareness” means quantum space, the silent, empty void that is the womb of all matter and energy.

Pure awareness exists in the gap between thoughts; it is the unchanging background against which all mental activity takes place. We would not ordinarily suspect that such a state exists because our minds are so preoccupied with the stream of thoughts, wishes, dreams, fantasies, and sensations that fill waking consciousness. That is why the ancient Indian sages had to devise the specific technique of meditation, in order to show the mind its own origins in the quantum depths.

Sitting in meditation with the eyes closed induces the nervous system to enter a state of “restful alertness” ~ i.e., the mind remains awake while the body goes into a deeply relaxed state.

Sleep is a hypometabolic state in which oxygen consumption decreases, heartbeat slows, and consciousness blanks out. The waking state, on the other hand, is marked by higher oxygen consumption, a faster heartbeat, and an alert mind.

These opposites are united in meditation. While remaining alert enough to feel the experience of pure awareness, people go into a state of rest twice as deep as sleep. Moreover, they do so very quickly, usually within ten minutes after shutting their eyes, compared to the four to six hours it takes us to reach our deepest relaxation in sleep.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are you running your life or running away from it?

Your existence here on Earth coupled with your choice in thoughts, feelings, actions, and connections comprise your life and all aspects of it ~ your profession, romantic partnership, family dynamic, health status, and financial matters.
How you handle your life and whether or not you decide to progress, heal, experience peace, and fulfill your potential is your responsibility.
Is there an area of your life or yourself that has been nagging you to change? Are you mentally in denial, emotionally paralyzed by fear, or physically apathetic about wanting to evolve? Are you running from your life and your path?
In order to take control, even if you feel like you've never been able to be in the driver's seat of your own life, you need to admit there is a problem, be willing to improve, and own responsibility. Ignoring imbalances or justifying poor habits is not progressive or productive, and you will unlikely reach that level of contentment that is your birthright.
As an adult you have a choice. No one else can make you change and see the light. You make the choices you do, so don't complain if the consequences are unfavorable. Examine yourself in the mirror. What life area is your intuition guiding you to transform? What lesson are you tired of repeating? When are you going to start running your life, not running from it?
Your source of power comes from within yourself. By connecting to a higher wisdom, you can feel worthy and accept divinely guided help, stay focused on your journey, and co-create true fulfillment.
Affirmations: I confidently face my life head on because I want to create the life of my dreams. The universe responds when I take one step to transform unhealthy habits and relationships to that which serves my higher purpose. My power comes from within and my connection to a higher source. I am in control!

Be Good to Yourself

Do you know how important you are? Do you know how special, and rare, your heart is? Your being in this world is so necessary, and so needed: you have so much love to bring to the planet, and so much to contribute by way of peace, and compassion, and care. It can be hard to stay centered and calm given the news in the world around us, though, and easy for stress or worry to push us from that place of groundedness. And because of this (to my mind!) it's all the more important to take care of yourself--not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. We need people who can be present to the world, and presence requires self-care. So it's my honor to invite you to a free live web event happening this weekend. Bob Doyle (of The Secret) has put together a beautiful program called "Taking Care of Yourself in Troubled Times." The program is filled with wonderful reminders and tips about how to make sure you're creating space for yourself, and how to keep from feeling stressed or overwhelmed or lost in the face of the stories going on around us.
Be good to yourself, and to each other.

Wisdom Emotion

In dealing with those who are undergoing suffering, if you feel burnout setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, for you to restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective. ~ The Dalai Lama

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Four Yogas

Everyone has feelings, so everyone can be on the path of feeling. The same is true for thinking, acting, and being.

So, the vision of Yoga is simply that unity is possible for anyone, starting from wherever you happen to be. Unity is secretly present in every moment in daily life. Nothing can happen to me that is outside the one reality; nothing is wasted or random.

In the Vedic tradition, each person can choose four paths that arise from feeling, thinking, acting, and being. Each path is called a Yoga, the Sanskrit word for “union,” because unity – merging with one reality – was the goal.

Over the ages, the four Yogas have come to define specific paths that suit the kind of temperament a seeker has, although in truth you can follow several or all at once:

Bhakti Yoga leads to unity by loving.

Karma Yoga leads to unity through selfless action.

Gyana Yoga leads to unity through knowledge.

Raj Yoga leads to unity through meditation and renunciation.

It’s not necessary to think of the four paths as being Eastern. These Yogas were the original seeds, the means that brought unity within reach. Literally translated, the fourth path, Raj yoga, means “the royal way to union.”

What makes it royal is a belief that meditation transcends the other three paths. But the fourth path is also inclusive: By following it you are actually following all four at once. Your meditations go directly to the essence of your being.

That essence is what love is, selfless action, and knowledge are trying to teach.

Be One with everything. ~

Grateful Living

Do you want to live a rich, meaningful and abundant life?

The key is to have a grateful heart. It sounds so simple. Yet, it becomes challenging when we have to deal with the problems and burdens that come our way --bills, debts, annoying and seemingly cruel people, illness, death and so on. And yet when we truly begin to be grateful, it can change our lives dramatically.



Life is a gift. Mornings are gifts. Every time you wake up, stretch out those arms and say, “thank you for the gift of a brand new day!”


Oh to have the gift of sight! What a blessing! With your eyes, you can watch the magnificent world you live in. You can see your face in the mirror. You are able to enjoy the beauty of a leaf, a flower, a snowflake, a child, a star, a rainbow and the look of love.


The thousands of fibers found in your ears could pick up the whisper of the leaves in the trees, the waves of the ocean, the raindrops falling on the roof, the loud thunder, the laughter of children, the ringing of the phone, and hear the words “I love you.”


You can utter words that can encourage, inspire, teach, guide, comfort, uplift, motivate and say the words “Thank you”; “I am here for you”; and “I love you.”


You are joy in motion. You have the ability to dance, walk, run, hop and skip as you travel the road of life.


You can enjoy different food…the sweetness of ice cream and cakes, the crunchy veggies, mouthwatering seafood, the tender juicy chicken, pork or beef. Aren't we thankful that that the healthy food we eat gives us energy and helps us to grow?


And be merry? (Grin) You can drink and allow water and fresh juices to quench your thirst. You can drink a toast to celebrate a wedding, a romantic evening, or warm your body on cold winter nights.


Your sense of smell can enhance the taste of food. It can connect you to wonderful memories like remembering your baby cradled in your arms, the perfume of your beloved, or their sweet smelling hair. Your hands can caress and soothe a loved one. You can touch and feel the different textures- soft, rough and silky smooth. With your touch you can express your love without words.


When you look at the words and letters, they are not jumbled or inverted. Having the ability to read has open your doors to knowledge and wisdom found in books, magazines, newspapers and the internet.


Whether it be extraordinary talent or simply singing in the shower, you can sing. You can sing your favorite song. You can hum a tune. Or even a lullaby. You can sing as you cook or clean the house.


You can write and share your experiences. You can write love letters, thank you notes, and compose songs and poetry. Or write a check list of the things you need to buy in the grocery.


You have the ability to think, to plan and to analyze. When problems arise, you can come up with solutions to solve them.


You have the ability to feel and experience all sorts of emotions - happy, sad, angry, confused, surprised, and disappointed and so on. Your feelings add spice to your life.


You can rest when you are tired and exhausted. Your body has been given the gift of sleep so it could recuperate and re-energize itself.


Be grateful for YOUR FAMILY.

Isn't it great to belong a family? Imperfect our families may be but here we find the opportunity to grow, share, give and receive love.

Be grateful for YOUR FRIENDS.

If we do not find love at home, sometimes we find the care and support from friends. True friends who stand by you, who knows your quirks and weird ways, but have decided to love you anyway.

Be grateful for YOUR COLLEAGUES.

There are people at work who are your inspiration and guide to help you succeed in your career.

Be grateful for YOUR TEACHERS.

People who have taught you and shared with you their knowledge and skills.

Be grateful for YOUR LIFE COACHES.

Some people in your life teaches you how to live your life to the fullest.


They have walked their talk and you have seen how their love for God have changed their lives.

Be grateful for QUIET ANGELS.

They walk into your life, often unannounced, help you in whatever way they can and just as quietly leave.

Be grateful for KIND STRANGERS.

Out of the blue, you receive unexpected help, a kind word, a message of inspiration, a smile.

Be grateful for BELIEVERS.

They are those who see the goodness in you and believe in you and what you can do.

Be grateful for the LISTENERS.

They can sit still and listen to you with all their heart as you pour out your burdens. They can empathize with you.

Be grateful for the JOY GIVERS.

They radiate sunshine and warmth. And when you feel down, a dose of their joy lifts you up!

Be grateful for the HUGGERS.

They can engulf you in a hug that makes you feel safe and secure. Their hugs tell you that you are not alone.

Be grateful for RIPPLEMAKERS.

People who make a difference in little and big ways. Perhaps its somebody at home who makes you feel good when they are around. Or its the bagger at the grocery counter who never fails to greet you and make you feel nice.

Be grateful for PEACEMAKERS.

They have chosen the path of peace. They will choose and respond to situations with love than hate.

Be grateful for LOVERS.

The words that come out of their mouth are the words that start with I LOVE...not I hate. Lovers of life. Lovers of goodness. Lovers of art. Lovers of sports. Lovers of growing. Lovers of plants. Lovers of helping people see the beauty in themselves. Be grateful for people who will lead you gently back to yourself.


The glory of nature. Sunrise and sunsets. Clouds and blue skies. Raindrops and rainbows. Ocean waves and soothing streams. Birds in the air. Flowers everywhere. Lovable pets. Finding joy and love in taking care and nurturing animals. I know of stories of people whose lives have been touched by these lovable and amazing creatures.

Food on the table. If you have enough food to feed your stomach and go to sleep without feeling the pangs of hunger, be grateful. Roof on top of your head. Be glad you are not sleeping out in the cold. Water to drink. Whenever you take a sip of water, be grateful that there is enough supply of water to quench your thirst. Clothes to wear. You don't have to walk around naked.

Music. The gift of music has been known to soothe, inspire and make you dance to the beat of life.
Books. For all the books from where you have gained knowledge and wisdom from all over the world.

Technology. Technology that have helped us connect and have made our lives easier and convenient. From cell phones to laptops to cameras and on and on.

Inventions. For electricity, for our cars, for wheelchairs, for roller coaster rides.

Sharing laughter and funny moments. Finding your life's purpose. Accomplishing a task. Finding a lost family member. An answered prayer. Experiencing love. Getting married. Giving birth to your child. Saving someone's life. Learning a skill. Sharing the gift of smile. Writing a poem. Making friends. Helping someone heal. Being healed. Finding hope. God's grace.

Taking family trips. Experiencing Reunions. A first bike ride. First kiss. Falling in love. Being loved in return. The day you grew up. Memories of childhood. Choosing to forgive.


I am grateful for the choices that I have made.

I am grateful for life's abundance.

I am grateful for the freedom I have to be ME.

I am grateful for the gift that I can share to the world.

I am grateful for all the experiences,

that have made me into the kind of person I am today.

I am grateful for the joy and peace in my heart.

I am grateful for the people who are journeying with me.

I am grateful for knowing that I am where I need to be.

I am grateful for opportunities to grow and learn.

I am grateful for all of life and what it brings.

This is just the beginning. I know there are still a thousand of things to be grateful for. Smile and embrace life with all its imperfections. Gratitude will bring a change of perception and with it comes the wisdom and truth of the ages.

I thank you for the gift of you.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembrance, Unity

You are whomever you choose to be. Whatever aspect you wish to be, that's who you are. That can change at any given moment. Yet if you want your life to settle down, to stop bringing you such a wide variety of experiences, there's a way to do that. Simply stop changing your mind so often about who you are, and who you choose to be. Power without inner strength is an illusion. Inner strength without Unity is a lie. A lie that has not served the race, but that has deeply embedded itself into your race. For you think that inner strength comes from individuality and from separateness, and that is not so. Separation from each other is the cause of all your dysfunction and suffering. Still, separation continues to masquerade as strength, and your politics, your economics, and even your religions have perpetuated the lie.

Don't stop the symphony which you are playing because you think you hear a sour note. Simply change your tune.

Love is the greatest power in the world, but it requires continual circulation to stay strong and vital. It was designed to be expressed. If we open ourselves to love, we see that it most certainly has to be the strongest attracting power in creation. It binds us all together in one great and beautiful union. We are all part of one. This love pulls each of us toward our selves, making us more and more aware. In the long run, love is stronger than hatred and wars, the personal battles as well as international ones.

Love is everywhere. But sometimes we attach strings to our love. We love only at certain times and we love only certain people. Maybe we feel we can love only the people who we feel love us or who are the same as we are. But this is not using our wonderful power of love in the correct way. The fact is that everyone is like us because we are all part of each other. You are the same as every other person, no matter how it may seem.

Our attention has to stay focused on the nature of each person and not on outer appearances. We're not all cut from the same cookie cutter, so there will always be superficial differences. But we are all from the same batch of dough. When we let the warmth of our love flow out from us in a complete circle, we touch everyone within it, and the entire world, especially our own immediate world becomes a better place. We meet all people, and we automatically fall across their paths.

To love in a way is to let it flow freely, not withholding it from anyone. This is the ideal and, as with most of these universal principles, we may not be there yet. But when we realize that everyone wants to love and be loved and that everything people do is their way of crying out for that love, we begin to feel our own moving in their direction.

Whatever we do, we attract into our lives, we will attract blessings. Eventually each of us will realize that he or she is part of everyone else, and our love will touch everyone, because we are all one.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Part I

The entire world is made up of thoughts, yet for something so integral to our lives, thought isn't very well understood. When most people think about thoughts, it is only limited to thought. “Grass is green”. The thoughts are bound to words which separate experience into this and that. Grass itself isn't a second thought, nor is the grass being green. The actual experience of the grass expressing it's greenness is a multi thought, yet the thought “Grass is green” inside of most people's minds is only a dualistic idea. It's this and not that. Part of the problem is the words, people think in words. The reality of the thought is what lies behind the words, yet in most minds, the words are focused upon while the reality is discarded. Grass and green are only concepts in a mind. People fail to see the metaphor for what it is and the words become their reality. Now green isn't green. Green is a feeling, a vibration, an experience, but not a word. The feeling and the experience, the vibration of light that connects with your eyes, that's the multi-dimensional thought of green. The word is just a dualistic idea, a way to condense a multi thought into something it isn't.

Your third experience is constructed of thought, just think about it. The way you see it isn't the way it really is, it's something assembled by your mind so you can make sense of it. Are the colors you see what the colors really are? Or are they just varying vibrational frequencies assigned a certain look? Your smells and tastes are really just certain shapes of molecules that bind on the tongue and nose. Yet you experience this shape as a smell or a taste. Think of butter, you can taste it can't you? So is the taste itself anything more than a thought? For most, the physical seems so real it's hard to see it as nothing but thoughts, but that's all it is. When you dream do you realize you are dreaming? Most people do not, the dream is so similar to their waking that while they're dreaming they can't tell the difference. Though when they wake up, it's clear it was a dream. What was the dream other than thoughts? And if the dream is so similar to our waking experience that we can't tell the difference, is it so hard to believe that the waking experience is constructed of thought. Although thoughts seem like static things.

Dualistic thoughts become “irrefutable” laws, governments, religions, and third thoughts become “solid” physical objects. Yet the thoughts themselves are made of energy. Something that couldn't be static even if it wanted to. Even things that appear so unchanging as rocks are constantly vibrating, constantly moving, alike sand. Trying to force these thoughts to stay put is the very essence of attachment. Try as you like, but you're going to wear out long before energy ever does. In fact, energy, being energy, is never going to wear out, it just changes form. Trying to hold on to it, is just going to exhaust you. This is what desire and attachment are, trying to bind something that can't be bound.

The thoughts don't belong to you, in fact every thought you've ever had has been around since the dawn of Creation. They may stick around for a while, but you never really own them. Believing otherwise only keeps people stuck in illusion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where is the mind? Is it in the brain? Well science has looked there, but can't seem to find a mind among all that gray matter. There's someone observing the thoughts. There's someplace the thoughts exist. And there's the thoughts themselves. Yet where among these is the mind? There's a cloud of thoughts drifting across your Consciousness, one's you're trying to hold on to. One's you believe define who you are, and these you call the mind. Which are truly called your thoughts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A rich man once believed he owned a large piece of property and on that was a forest. One day a lumberjack came along and chopped down a tree. The rich man came up and asked, “What are you doing to my forest?” and the logger replied, “Is this tree your forest?” “Of course the tree isn't the forest” the rich man answered and allowed the lumberjack to take the tree. This continued day after day until a year later the rich man looked out and realized his whole forest was gone. Yet the logger didn't take away the forest, he just removed the trees. There never really was a forest, just a group of trees. People fail to see the forest for the trees. People fail to see the mind for the thoughts. What makes a forest? Trees. Yet are the trees the forest? Citizens make up a country, yet where is the country apart from a thought in it's citizen's minds?

Part II

Consciousness is like a clear blue sky, the thoughts are the clouds. The clouds drift across the sky, but they leave no mark upon the sky. They're temporary, fleeting. They move, they change shape, there's more one day and less the next, yet the blue sky remains. Consciousness is the sky, thoughts are the clouds. You are the Consciousness, that which observes the thoughts yet remains unblemished by them. If you forget this, the clouds start building up. Soon they obscure the sky altogether and Consciousness is forgotten. The clouds, the thoughts, are all you see and you believe you are these thoughts. The mind is like a storm that covers the sky, yet the sky is still there. You may forget the truth of your Being, but it's still there. You are still this Consciousness and if you don't believe me, then tell me who's the one observing the thoughts?

The sky is Being, it simply Is. The clouds are always in action, always doing. If you're a Human Being, you're Pure Consciousness. If you're a human doing, you are the mind.

Thoughts aren't a bad thing, there's nothing wrong with thoughts, but it is in one's best interest to stay conscious of what one is thinking. Only when one is ignorant is one bound by thoughts. If you believe you are the thoughts, then the thoughts own you. The only ignorance is being ignorant of the Consciousness, the Love, and of who you are.

The thoughts make up everything, they are all expressed, but separately they're nothing. They don't exist separately. The energy that makes up the thoughts exists as Oneness. It's Consciousness being aware of Itself.

The clouds are the Sky. You can't separate the two, but the attempt to do so creates the illusion. The thoughts exist as One and though we experience them as individual thoughts, it's a paradox. The thoughts appear different, but they drift across as One with them. It's a paradox, but it's how one experiences their own.

Don't worry about thoughts and don't try to force them out. Resistance is what keeps them from moving on. Simply kiss them as they pass. Love them, bless them, be grateful for them.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Without End

From Within and Outward

We come together here and now to bring our thoughts together as a rainbow is made of many colors. So let our colors blend and meld together. We ask that our combined thoughts be made as one, and the problems and difficulties of our day move away from us. We ask that we may be protected in all that we do. To picture briefly in the mind, and who work for the good all over. We ask for within light of all these things, we bring our families and loved ones together. And we see the light of love spreading from here to there, through all these people, touching them in their lives filling them with love and peace., and spreading from them to all that they come into contact with spreading across the world in the light of love., illuminating the dark places joining with all others who feel love. Until the whole world is covered with the light of love. Nourishing all that dwell upon it and as we close to go our separate ways again we ask for grounding to safely, to do what we each have to do. Take a deep breath and keep on.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Special Poetic Emotion

Once again I said My goodbyes
To those I Love most
My heart feels that familiar pain
As I long for Home
Cause this road is hard
When I feel so far
And I'm crying out tonight
Cause I've given you my Life
But I'm tired
and I'm missing what's behind
So once more
Here's My life
You were worth it all
I'm crying out tonight
Cause I've given You my life
But I'm tired
and I'm missing what's behind
So once more...
Even when the tears are falling
When I find I fear the calling
You remind Me
Words you've spoken over my life
Promises I've yet to see
You comfort Me
Here's My Life

Beloved ~ Dax Johnson
to see the video go to:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wisdom Emotion

The longest road you will ever have to walk in your life is the sacred journey from your head to your heart.

Quote of the Day

There is no substitute for an answer. Knowing the answers helps. Knowing what the answers mean helps more. ~ St.

Monday, July 20, 2009

True Love

The first word that comes to mind is unlimited. In which love is unlimited. There is no beginning and no end to it. No before and no after. Love always was, always is, and always will be. So love is also always. It's the always reality. If love is freedom, love is also unlimited, and always, then love is.. free. Now in reality, you will find that you always seek to love, and to be loved. You will find that you will always yearn for that love to be unlimited. And you will find that you will always wish you could be free to express it. You will seek freedom, unlimitedness, and eternality in every experience of love. You may not always get it, but that is what you will seek. You will seek this because this is what love is, and at some deep place you know that, because you are love, and through the expression of love you are seeking to know and to experience Who and What You Are. You are life expressing life, love expressing love.

The way you now demonstrate love to each person you do love is unique. You demonstrate your love to no two people in exactly the same way. Because you are a creature and a creator of originality, everything that you create is original. It is not possible for any thought, word, or action to be duplicative. You cannot duplicate, you can only originate. Do you know why no two snowflakes are alike? Because it is impossible for them to be. Creation is not 'duplication', and the creator can only create. That is why no two snowflakes are alike, no two people are alike, no two thoughts are alike, no two relationships are alike, and no two of anything are alike. The universe and every thing in it, exists in singular form, and there truly is nothing else like it. With being said, everything is singular, yet everything is One. Each finger on your hand is different yet it is all the same hand. The air in your house is the air that is everywhere, yet the air from room to room is not the same, but feels different. It is the same with people. All people are One, yet no two people are alike. You could not, therefore, love two people in the same way even if you tried, and you would never want to, because love is a unique response to that which is unique.

So when you demonstrate your love for one person, you are doing so in a way in which you cannot do so with another. Your thoughts, words, and actions, your responses, are literally impossible to duplicate., is one of a kind.. just as is the person for whom you have these feelings. If the time has come when you have desired this with one person alone, then for true love is always free, and obligation cannot exist in the space of love. If you see your decision to express your love in a particular way with only one as a 'sacred' promise, never to be broken, the day may come when you will experience that promise as an obligation and you will resent it. Yet if you see this decision not as a promise, made only once, but as a free choice, that day of resentment will never come.

Remember this: There is only one sacred promise, and that is to tell and live your truth

Quote of the Day

Dreams are the brain off the leash, running loose in the wilderness of imagination. ~St.

Love Without End III

Stop being scared of yourself, your world, and your choices. You seek to help your families and friends but you get so frustrated. You are angry with your families and your friends because they still sleep. Would you have liked the rest of the universe to turn their back? When you give up on someone, they know it, and they feel it. It comes across as a neon sign. Everyone knows what you are about, except you. Invite in the highest vibration of your own light.

You cannot worry about fixing those you love. You cannot worry about making them better - making them give up their doubts, and their fears. Each situation is a gift. They themselves must unwrap it. You cannot unwrap there presents for them.
Hold those you love close. Hold them endlessly in your light. You are never given up on. You are never tossed away. You are always held in the highest esteem and your light is seen as such. Do not give up on others. Reach out and speak of love through your heart. No one on Earth will ever be given up on.

Embrace what you hate. Embrace what makes you angry. Embrace what you love. Embrace what brings you joy. Love your humanness. It is only through loving that you will evolve. You are the apex of your own pyramid. You are what you seek. You are the light that you seek. You are the love that you seek. And you are the peace that you seek. Anything else is a reflection.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. ~ Eric Hoffer

The Power of Gratitude

Whatever you are feeling, whether it be love, fear, anger, happiness, joy, Gratitude, resistance, etc., you are in essence creating a magnetic force that attracts and draws to you events, conditions and circumstances which are indirect correlation to what you are feeling. Fear of something creates a magnetic force that will attract more of what you fear. Expressing Gratitude for any situation projects a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing Gratitude for.

In other words, Gratitude puts you in a harmonic vibrational resonance which attracts additional energies. At any time that you are not expressing Gratitude for an outcome you are in essence resisting the outcome which places your focus on not wanting that outcome.

Gratitude is an acceptance of things just the way they are which correlates with acceptance which in turn resonates and projects, creating to attracting the desired outcome. Its important to recognize whatever is going on in your life. The events, conditions and circumstance, that you are currently experiencing that are based on thoughts and emotions you've chosen at some point. It's due to those thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing whatever outcome you currently are.

Once you fully grasp and understand that your current experiences here and now are merely guideposts showing you that you are either on the right path of creating your thought processes that created them, you will become empowered to express heartfelt Gratitude for whatever is currently happening in your life recognizing the fact that YOU created it.

Its important to recognize and express Gratitude for the fact that everything in your life is a miracle, a creation that you created. Those miracles (creations) which show up that aren't in harmony with your intended or desired outcomes are merely signs that you need to make adjustments within yourself. When you fully grasp and internalize this truth you'll learn to express Gratitude for the sign that you mis-created it and that you have been provided with the evidence that will enable you to change the thoughts, emotions and perceptions which brought it into your life.

When you have developed a crystal clear understanding that all things work for the greater good no matter how seemingly bad things may appear, it becomes much easier to stay in a state of Gratitude. When you are able to fully develop that awareness not only is it an extremely freeing experience, but you are setting your self up for a much greater flow of Abundance and Happiness being attracted and coming into your life, EVERY area of your life.

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude is one of the most important things that you can do for attracting and manifesting the things that you desire into your life. In Fact, if you have a desire to consistently attract desired outcomes, it's Essential that you do!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Poetic Emotion

Path of Inner Peace

By feeling satisfied with what I have,
I feel no envy.
By giving freely to those who will take,
I feel no anger.
by understanding the fears of others,
I feel no hate.
By accepting the diverseness of others,
I feel no judgment.
By recognizing the specialness of all,
I feel no self importance.
By sensing the wonders of Mother Earth,
I feel humble.
By knowing all that I can do,
I feel my worth.
By accepting what I cannot do,
I feel humility.
By these feelings,
I walk the path of peace.

~ Mississquoi Nation (Virginia)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. ~ MJ

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Most of all, Love

Love is the essence of all. Open your mind to all the possibilities. Follow to where our heart leads. Anything at all is possible, and all things are possible. You can only be to someone what they see you as. If you are clear, step into the knowing, not thinking, but the knowing beyond all shadow of a doubt that you will be here in joy, in harmony, in happiness, in creativity, and in greater rejoicing of building the world, the civilization that you all desire, then so shall you be. Put your energy, your thoughts, your hearts, into what it is that is most important. Go inside and trust the feelings. Trust yourself. Open your hearts. Open your eyes. Do not be afraid. Love does what the essence of a thing does to be itself.
And know that you are surrounded by love.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love Without End II

We Are the Radiance of the Sun
Illuminating Shadowy Minds with Our Light

We Are the Empathy of the Moon
Healing Wounded Hearts with Our Love

We are the Spirituality of the Stars
Nurturing Budding Souls with Our Power

We Are the Lifestreams of the Uni-verse
Flowing towards Harmonic Resonance

We Are the Many Sacred Pathways
We Are the Many Ancient Cultures
Connecting the Spirits of All Creatures

~ Wisdom Well Scrolls

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Without End

Reality mirrors reality. You are a result of thoughts. Honor your light. Have the courage to live your light. The more light you bring the faster it will spread. Do all that you can do. And Remember who you are. Thought comes first. Experience is always secondary. Stop living in the past or future and always live in your now. Do not be afraid of what you create. Eliminate should and trying out of your vocabulary. How you want to be is how you shall be. Be aware. Live 100% of your time. Begin to believe you are always at the right place at the right time. Emotion is the key. Emotion generates feeling. Know your feeling. Trust your feelings. Learn to love your emotions. Feeling connects you to your humanity. Feeling is what connects you to your emotions. Live in harmony.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poetic Emotion


A man in the water
About to go under
Crying out for someone to save him
But no one is there

A child in pain
From a parent abuse
No ear to hear
No eye to see

A loved one is fading
Into the night
No shoulder to cry on
Not even a care

The drunk, the addict
The suicidal, the cutter
The depressant, the manic
The hopeless, the bereaved

The homeless, the lonely
The sad, the happy
The jobless, the sick
All looking for a glimpse of hope

Then there it is
A glimmer, a spark
A ray of light

A room where it is safe
To cry, to share
To feel, to love
To be a friend and trust

When we need a friend
A shoulder to cry on
Lifeline is there
A light in darkness

A hope when it's lost
A person to care
A room to hold
All the pain and tears

It is our lifeline
Without it we'd be lost
Without it others might not
Have hope

It's safety
It's a life jacket
It's what home should feel like
IT IS home, it's Lifeline.

(c) Copyright 2009 RP

What You Create

You create 100% of your own reality and no one can create in your reality but you.

At any giving moment you either are giving love, or asking for love. When attaching a value of a meaning or an event, I am creating a perception. It's my choice how to interpret what happened. An event but seeing through whatever issues or beliefs that I have from within. How I choose to see something, the perception I have on an event, is not necessarily what is happening, but how I choose to view it. Whatever perceptions that I have and then living by those perceptions determines what I have. If you perceive or make a decision somewhere along the way that you are a "bad" person and responsible for other people's emotions, for making them feel ''bad'', then you will go through life hating yourself, thinking you are ''evil'', perhaps without knowing it. You may feel constantly ashamed and guilty. You will continue to create situations where you feel bad about yourself, where you think you have done something wrong. You will, in all likelihood, create your life where things always seem to go wrong, and relationships and life will probably become a fearful thing for you. And, all this will change as your perception and understanding of how the Universe works becomes clearer, such as the understanding that no one can create the reality of another. And your life will also change when any false perceptions you have about yourself as well, are made conscious, and you change them.

When you know that you are responsible only for what you believe and what you feel, and when you know that others are responsible only for what they feel and believe, that feelings and beliefs about reality can only come from within, from what each person chooses to believe, there is no longer shame or blame, guilt or self hatred. Then you have the opportunity to believe and create your life in any way you choose, in a good way that works for you. You no longer believe it if others try to blame you, and you no longer blame anyone else for your life. That is being the Creator of your life. You choose to consciously, not unconsciously, what you want to believe, you perceive yourself and life and others in a way that is positive and allows life to work harmoniously for you.

You can't change something if you don't think you created it to begin with or, if you don't believe that you even have the power to create or change anything. Victims remain stuck, thinking it's someone else's fault, and that someone else has the power over their life, to create their life a certain way, instead of themselves. As soon as I give up 100% responsibility of creating my own reality, as soon as I give up the responsible role, as soon as I think someone is doing something to me, I have become a victim. Other's responses to me are, in reality, only a reflection of my own energy, a reflection of whatever energy I am putting out, or have inside of me. In other words, if you have a perception that someone is a hurtful person, you must have a belief that you will be hurt. They then just play the role for you that you are expecting. You create what you believe in.

Where do I still hold that judgment about myself, where do I still think that I am not ok? I identify the judgment that I'm making against myself. And I ask myself, what part of me do I still not love, and therefore I judge it? Then I look at the other person and think, I don't need to judge them. They are simply being a mirror of my own issue. I ask, what in me created that in my reality? In reality, all of us are really asking for love, which is what we all truly want. Saying, what is the mirror to me? instantly removes the judgment. Then there is no charge. There is only acceptance. Acceptance is the higher vibration. It is above forgiveness, because forgiveness implies that something has been done wrong. Acceptance says all is happening perfectly, as it should. All is perfect. Whatever is happening enables us to grow, if we look at it from being the Creator, not the victim. If we look at it all as perfect, we immediately move into the energy of Love, Trust, and Peace. Then there is no judgment. If it's complicated, it's not Truth.

Know that if you feel anger or any other unpleasant or uncomfortable emotion, you must carry that energy within you. It isn't because of what someone else did. The situation just reflected what was already there in you. Then you have the opportunity to see what the mirror is for you, to see what you carry within yourself so that you can heal, grow, and change. Therefore, seeing your reflection in another or in a situation is a positive and useful thing.

Thought triggers emotion. See what kind of thoughts you are thinking, and what kind of emotion that creates. Tune into how you feel. Use your 5 senses to ask if something doesn't feel right or comfortable in the way you are responding or feeling. If you don't like the emotion you are feeling, change the thoughts you are thinking. In other words, get a new perspective. Healing comes from taking responsibility. The word emotion is a fascinating word. Look at it this way: E-motion, or Energy, put into motion. That is what our emotions do. They move energy and bring things into motion. The force behind what we feel is what allows us to create. First we have our thought, or perception. But it is the emotional energy, the fuel, that allows something to get created. For example, "I felt so strongly about that, that I had to rush out and do it." Therefore, to create in a positive way, we must generate positive emotions from clear thoughts and perceptions.

Fear is only a mask of your true desire. You need to find out what your true desire is, and state that desire 100% positively: "I choose to have or create..." or "I am... ".

Fears have supported us, and we tend to want to hold onto them through our anger or other emotional reactions because it's the only way of life we've known. Fears can be survival tools, but will keep you locked in a lower vibration that doesn't help your life.

If you find yourself worried or fearful about what other people think, the mirror of that really is: you are in judgment of yourself.

If you are in doubt, you are caught between realities and aren't sure what to believe.

If you are in fear, you are actually holding a belief that you are inadequate to deal with something.

A fear of judgment is actually a desire for unconditional love.

If you are in pain, you are in resistance to something. What are you resisting? Identify what you are getting by holding onto the pain.

Change the perception that there was any damage done in a given situation. If you are the Creator, then you created that situation for some reason. What was the reason?

If you were in pain, you were judging. Move to acceptance. It is all perfect.

If you are asking why, you are into blaming. Go to your heart, instead. There is no war happening, unless you create one by your perception.

Honor where someone is in their development. What lessons had they have to set up to learn for themselves. What can you learn from them. And what can you learn from yourself.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


A joyful heart makes a cheerful face; a sad heart makes a despondent mood. All the days of a poor person are wretched, but contentment is a feast without end.
~Book of Proverbs

Contentment is the goal behind all goals because once achieved there is nothing to seek until it is lost. The ability to compare and contrast experiences and find reality as one is living it to be less than ideal. The solution is to seek ways to make experienced reality conform to the ideal. When one can 'live in the moment' with expectations in harmony, one has achieved the greatest contentment possible.

Contented individuals live longer, happier lives and peace can be co-created by those with inner peace. We need to relax, slow down, let go of the stress of chasing status, material possessions, and other external gratifications to heal ourselves and save the planet.

Begin today, begin NOW. There is no time to lose.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Poetic Emotion

Poor fallen leaf,
you've had your day in the Sun.
You've seen the rain and Summer fun,
and now you lie there on the ground withering,
turning brown.
It's not your fault, old friend,
the trees have let you go.
The sky's have turned from blue to gray.
The rain has turned to snow.
With your death, you bring new life,
and Spring has yet to come.
Another life,
another leaf,
another day in the Sun.

(c) Copyright STS

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

The next message you need is always right where you are.
~ Ram Dass

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life and There of


There is only one truth.. 2+2 can never be 7. Truth is always there, weather we see it or not. The universe has never once lied to us. It never told us the world is flat And it never once tried to hide the fact We are born with the ability to wrap our minds around the cosmos. Why choose anything less? We dont have all the answers yet, but answers is what we seek.

Religion vs Truth

Until it is decided on what to believe, I will have to deduce from life what is real. Despite anything in the bible, reality does not change to accommodate it. When one realizes truth and religion are different, they get into trouble.

Religion says life is sacred. Thou shalt not kill. And thats a fine doctrine, until the word "unless" is seen where it does not exist. Why do they want the 10 Commandments displayed in courtrooms in states where there is a death penalty? Death penalty is ok., War is ok., But the line is drawn at stem cells? I cannot see the thread of truth in that. How is anything but truth, beneficial to this world or to man kind? In religion, no matter what you are, if you are not what the other one is, you are wrong. Where's the truth element?

Good and Evil

Where were they before this planet had life? Was it lurking in the universe,
just waiting for life to evolve knowing that man would be amongst the life?


Poetically, Life Itself is the only magic in this world. It's the only magic this world needs. It does the rest all by itself. To be Life is to be magic. Touch Life is to touch magic.Touch magic, is to touch the stars above. Life is needed by the Universe. It spent years trying to get it right. Life is very hard to start. But once it gets going, it's even harder to stop. Life is what the Universe uses to see Itself at so many levels. Life is the tastebuds of the Universe. I'm not saying the Universe is living and aware. But We are. And there is nothing inside Us, not contained in the Universe. We are ''starstuff''. All we are is starstuff with Life's arrow shot between our eyes. It's all the same stuff.
We are it. It is Us.


Love is how we keep alive. It's part of the Will to live, as well as a result of it. Poetically, Love is a mirror-ball of emotion with each reflection being its own image of desire. But, real love is the glue of life. In its basic form, it helps other life to remain that way. All that lived and loved before us, did something right and thats why we are here. Love is a risky emotion to give to life. It can also make you worry. It can make you hurt. And in some cases, can make you die. Despite that, love is here. And even if you don't have it right now, its still important. Can't have life without it. Its the glue. Love is like gold. If you have it, you are rich. Without it, you are poor and when its fake, you are a fool. Its fools gold. Life and Love is like Magnetism vs Electricity. Its the other thing. Life is what love looks like in mortal form. Everything is in 2's in the Universe. Electricity/Magnatism, Time/Space, Polarities. For this, in Truth, there is a silver thread between it all. There are no lies., No hidden events., No hypocracy. Follow that thread, that's the one. Love has no limits. The only limit of love is death. But in that, you still feel the love. It's all in there. It's all in the Life. No other guarantees but the moment. One deeper than love is that which is called Unconditional Love. It doesn't mean, "I will love you no matter what." But to love everything with no limit., without condition. And that is possible. The Earth doesn't lie to us. Love is all. It is all Us. We are It. And that is what makes it beautiful. In everything, beauty is found gracefully.

(c) Copyright 2009 STS

Truth in change

We commonly think of ourselves as beings possessing phases or states, which we know as emotions, desires, moods, and so forth. At first sight it appears to consist each a single and independent strung together along something which is called the ego, like beads on a necklace. But reflection shows this conception to be consistent more to the fact when we admit one state changes and gives way to another, we overlook the fact that it changes shape even while it persists. We change without ceasing. In Truth, we ourselves are who endure not through change, but by change. Our own lives, as actually experienced, as reality which we are most directly assured to be. We consider the nature of the world around us.

Do we find it impossible to discover anything which passes through, but itself to something other than changes which occur to it? The Universe IS itself a stream of change. However, change is only constant if you choose it to be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Qoute of the Day

The only people with whom you should try to get even with are those who have helped you.

~ John E. Southard

Universal Idea

To depend on a view that we take of the nature of what is defined, and this in its turn is bound up with our general theory of knowledge and the concept of reality. We may, however, safely include among the kind of things that are given to us to know. What we hold these things to be will, to demand on the particular view of sense experience that we adopt. When we use a word to describe something that can belong to a number of different objects or facts, the something may be defined as a universal. Therefore, whiteness, humanity, justice, triangularity, are all universals, since many different things and facts can be respectively white, human, just and triangular. but this particular piece of snow, this man, this legal decision, this triangle, are all as the language we use to speak of them although their total description may involve the presence of universals.
It is to be as to establish the existence of universals as reality.

But to admit that this is how we come to think of universals is very far from posing the true view. When in all truth, universal is.. Under all conditions, embracing all existent, without limit, to All present and everywhere, versatile, and One of which becomes Whole.

Can we bring up love here for a moment? Love lets go, need holds on. How can it be when in truth love is all there is. How does this come about? When we speak of love, as in the content "all there is", it is of Creation. Creation makes love, hate, hurt and happiness, black and white, dark and light. It does this to experience itself through us. We are all bits of Creation. We are all filled with it.
We only create the seperation to experience it. We are One. We are Creation.