Monday, July 20, 2009

True Love

The first word that comes to mind is unlimited. In which love is unlimited. There is no beginning and no end to it. No before and no after. Love always was, always is, and always will be. So love is also always. It's the always reality. If love is freedom, love is also unlimited, and always, then love is.. free. Now in reality, you will find that you always seek to love, and to be loved. You will find that you will always yearn for that love to be unlimited. And you will find that you will always wish you could be free to express it. You will seek freedom, unlimitedness, and eternality in every experience of love. You may not always get it, but that is what you will seek. You will seek this because this is what love is, and at some deep place you know that, because you are love, and through the expression of love you are seeking to know and to experience Who and What You Are. You are life expressing life, love expressing love.

The way you now demonstrate love to each person you do love is unique. You demonstrate your love to no two people in exactly the same way. Because you are a creature and a creator of originality, everything that you create is original. It is not possible for any thought, word, or action to be duplicative. You cannot duplicate, you can only originate. Do you know why no two snowflakes are alike? Because it is impossible for them to be. Creation is not 'duplication', and the creator can only create. That is why no two snowflakes are alike, no two people are alike, no two thoughts are alike, no two relationships are alike, and no two of anything are alike. The universe and every thing in it, exists in singular form, and there truly is nothing else like it. With being said, everything is singular, yet everything is One. Each finger on your hand is different yet it is all the same hand. The air in your house is the air that is everywhere, yet the air from room to room is not the same, but feels different. It is the same with people. All people are One, yet no two people are alike. You could not, therefore, love two people in the same way even if you tried, and you would never want to, because love is a unique response to that which is unique.

So when you demonstrate your love for one person, you are doing so in a way in which you cannot do so with another. Your thoughts, words, and actions, your responses, are literally impossible to duplicate., is one of a kind.. just as is the person for whom you have these feelings. If the time has come when you have desired this with one person alone, then for true love is always free, and obligation cannot exist in the space of love. If you see your decision to express your love in a particular way with only one as a 'sacred' promise, never to be broken, the day may come when you will experience that promise as an obligation and you will resent it. Yet if you see this decision not as a promise, made only once, but as a free choice, that day of resentment will never come.

Remember this: There is only one sacred promise, and that is to tell and live your truth

Quote of the Day

Dreams are the brain off the leash, running loose in the wilderness of imagination. ~St.

Love Without End III

Stop being scared of yourself, your world, and your choices. You seek to help your families and friends but you get so frustrated. You are angry with your families and your friends because they still sleep. Would you have liked the rest of the universe to turn their back? When you give up on someone, they know it, and they feel it. It comes across as a neon sign. Everyone knows what you are about, except you. Invite in the highest vibration of your own light.

You cannot worry about fixing those you love. You cannot worry about making them better - making them give up their doubts, and their fears. Each situation is a gift. They themselves must unwrap it. You cannot unwrap there presents for them.
Hold those you love close. Hold them endlessly in your light. You are never given up on. You are never tossed away. You are always held in the highest esteem and your light is seen as such. Do not give up on others. Reach out and speak of love through your heart. No one on Earth will ever be given up on.

Embrace what you hate. Embrace what makes you angry. Embrace what you love. Embrace what brings you joy. Love your humanness. It is only through loving that you will evolve. You are the apex of your own pyramid. You are what you seek. You are the light that you seek. You are the love that you seek. And you are the peace that you seek. Anything else is a reflection.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. ~ Eric Hoffer

The Power of Gratitude

Whatever you are feeling, whether it be love, fear, anger, happiness, joy, Gratitude, resistance, etc., you are in essence creating a magnetic force that attracts and draws to you events, conditions and circumstances which are indirect correlation to what you are feeling. Fear of something creates a magnetic force that will attract more of what you fear. Expressing Gratitude for any situation projects a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing Gratitude for.

In other words, Gratitude puts you in a harmonic vibrational resonance which attracts additional energies. At any time that you are not expressing Gratitude for an outcome you are in essence resisting the outcome which places your focus on not wanting that outcome.

Gratitude is an acceptance of things just the way they are which correlates with acceptance which in turn resonates and projects, creating to attracting the desired outcome. Its important to recognize whatever is going on in your life. The events, conditions and circumstance, that you are currently experiencing that are based on thoughts and emotions you've chosen at some point. It's due to those thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing whatever outcome you currently are.

Once you fully grasp and understand that your current experiences here and now are merely guideposts showing you that you are either on the right path of creating your thought processes that created them, you will become empowered to express heartfelt Gratitude for whatever is currently happening in your life recognizing the fact that YOU created it.

Its important to recognize and express Gratitude for the fact that everything in your life is a miracle, a creation that you created. Those miracles (creations) which show up that aren't in harmony with your intended or desired outcomes are merely signs that you need to make adjustments within yourself. When you fully grasp and internalize this truth you'll learn to express Gratitude for the sign that you mis-created it and that you have been provided with the evidence that will enable you to change the thoughts, emotions and perceptions which brought it into your life.

When you have developed a crystal clear understanding that all things work for the greater good no matter how seemingly bad things may appear, it becomes much easier to stay in a state of Gratitude. When you are able to fully develop that awareness not only is it an extremely freeing experience, but you are setting your self up for a much greater flow of Abundance and Happiness being attracted and coming into your life, EVERY area of your life.

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude is one of the most important things that you can do for attracting and manifesting the things that you desire into your life. In Fact, if you have a desire to consistently attract desired outcomes, it's Essential that you do!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Poetic Emotion

Path of Inner Peace

By feeling satisfied with what I have,
I feel no envy.
By giving freely to those who will take,
I feel no anger.
by understanding the fears of others,
I feel no hate.
By accepting the diverseness of others,
I feel no judgment.
By recognizing the specialness of all,
I feel no self importance.
By sensing the wonders of Mother Earth,
I feel humble.
By knowing all that I can do,
I feel my worth.
By accepting what I cannot do,
I feel humility.
By these feelings,
I walk the path of peace.

~ Mississquoi Nation (Virginia)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quote of the Day

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. ~ MJ

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Most of all, Love

Love is the essence of all. Open your mind to all the possibilities. Follow to where our heart leads. Anything at all is possible, and all things are possible. You can only be to someone what they see you as. If you are clear, step into the knowing, not thinking, but the knowing beyond all shadow of a doubt that you will be here in joy, in harmony, in happiness, in creativity, and in greater rejoicing of building the world, the civilization that you all desire, then so shall you be. Put your energy, your thoughts, your hearts, into what it is that is most important. Go inside and trust the feelings. Trust yourself. Open your hearts. Open your eyes. Do not be afraid. Love does what the essence of a thing does to be itself.
And know that you are surrounded by love.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Love Without End II

We Are the Radiance of the Sun
Illuminating Shadowy Minds with Our Light

We Are the Empathy of the Moon
Healing Wounded Hearts with Our Love

We are the Spirituality of the Stars
Nurturing Budding Souls with Our Power

We Are the Lifestreams of the Uni-verse
Flowing towards Harmonic Resonance

We Are the Many Sacred Pathways
We Are the Many Ancient Cultures
Connecting the Spirits of All Creatures

~ Wisdom Well Scrolls

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Without End

Reality mirrors reality. You are a result of thoughts. Honor your light. Have the courage to live your light. The more light you bring the faster it will spread. Do all that you can do. And Remember who you are. Thought comes first. Experience is always secondary. Stop living in the past or future and always live in your now. Do not be afraid of what you create. Eliminate should and trying out of your vocabulary. How you want to be is how you shall be. Be aware. Live 100% of your time. Begin to believe you are always at the right place at the right time. Emotion is the key. Emotion generates feeling. Know your feeling. Trust your feelings. Learn to love your emotions. Feeling connects you to your humanity. Feeling is what connects you to your emotions. Live in harmony.