Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poetic Emotion


A man in the water
About to go under
Crying out for someone to save him
But no one is there

A child in pain
From a parent abuse
No ear to hear
No eye to see

A loved one is fading
Into the night
No shoulder to cry on
Not even a care

The drunk, the addict
The suicidal, the cutter
The depressant, the manic
The hopeless, the bereaved

The homeless, the lonely
The sad, the happy
The jobless, the sick
All looking for a glimpse of hope

Then there it is
A glimmer, a spark
A ray of light

A room where it is safe
To cry, to share
To feel, to love
To be a friend and trust

When we need a friend
A shoulder to cry on
Lifeline is there
A light in darkness

A hope when it's lost
A person to care
A room to hold
All the pain and tears

It is our lifeline
Without it we'd be lost
Without it others might not
Have hope

It's safety
It's a life jacket
It's what home should feel like
IT IS home, it's Lifeline.

(c) Copyright 2009 RP

What You Create

You create 100% of your own reality and no one can create in your reality but you.

At any giving moment you either are giving love, or asking for love. When attaching a value of a meaning or an event, I am creating a perception. It's my choice how to interpret what happened. An event but seeing through whatever issues or beliefs that I have from within. How I choose to see something, the perception I have on an event, is not necessarily what is happening, but how I choose to view it. Whatever perceptions that I have and then living by those perceptions determines what I have. If you perceive or make a decision somewhere along the way that you are a "bad" person and responsible for other people's emotions, for making them feel ''bad'', then you will go through life hating yourself, thinking you are ''evil'', perhaps without knowing it. You may feel constantly ashamed and guilty. You will continue to create situations where you feel bad about yourself, where you think you have done something wrong. You will, in all likelihood, create your life where things always seem to go wrong, and relationships and life will probably become a fearful thing for you. And, all this will change as your perception and understanding of how the Universe works becomes clearer, such as the understanding that no one can create the reality of another. And your life will also change when any false perceptions you have about yourself as well, are made conscious, and you change them.

When you know that you are responsible only for what you believe and what you feel, and when you know that others are responsible only for what they feel and believe, that feelings and beliefs about reality can only come from within, from what each person chooses to believe, there is no longer shame or blame, guilt or self hatred. Then you have the opportunity to believe and create your life in any way you choose, in a good way that works for you. You no longer believe it if others try to blame you, and you no longer blame anyone else for your life. That is being the Creator of your life. You choose to consciously, not unconsciously, what you want to believe, you perceive yourself and life and others in a way that is positive and allows life to work harmoniously for you.

You can't change something if you don't think you created it to begin with or, if you don't believe that you even have the power to create or change anything. Victims remain stuck, thinking it's someone else's fault, and that someone else has the power over their life, to create their life a certain way, instead of themselves. As soon as I give up 100% responsibility of creating my own reality, as soon as I give up the responsible role, as soon as I think someone is doing something to me, I have become a victim. Other's responses to me are, in reality, only a reflection of my own energy, a reflection of whatever energy I am putting out, or have inside of me. In other words, if you have a perception that someone is a hurtful person, you must have a belief that you will be hurt. They then just play the role for you that you are expecting. You create what you believe in.

Where do I still hold that judgment about myself, where do I still think that I am not ok? I identify the judgment that I'm making against myself. And I ask myself, what part of me do I still not love, and therefore I judge it? Then I look at the other person and think, I don't need to judge them. They are simply being a mirror of my own issue. I ask, what in me created that in my reality? In reality, all of us are really asking for love, which is what we all truly want. Saying, what is the mirror to me? instantly removes the judgment. Then there is no charge. There is only acceptance. Acceptance is the higher vibration. It is above forgiveness, because forgiveness implies that something has been done wrong. Acceptance says all is happening perfectly, as it should. All is perfect. Whatever is happening enables us to grow, if we look at it from being the Creator, not the victim. If we look at it all as perfect, we immediately move into the energy of Love, Trust, and Peace. Then there is no judgment. If it's complicated, it's not Truth.

Know that if you feel anger or any other unpleasant or uncomfortable emotion, you must carry that energy within you. It isn't because of what someone else did. The situation just reflected what was already there in you. Then you have the opportunity to see what the mirror is for you, to see what you carry within yourself so that you can heal, grow, and change. Therefore, seeing your reflection in another or in a situation is a positive and useful thing.

Thought triggers emotion. See what kind of thoughts you are thinking, and what kind of emotion that creates. Tune into how you feel. Use your 5 senses to ask if something doesn't feel right or comfortable in the way you are responding or feeling. If you don't like the emotion you are feeling, change the thoughts you are thinking. In other words, get a new perspective. Healing comes from taking responsibility. The word emotion is a fascinating word. Look at it this way: E-motion, or Energy, put into motion. That is what our emotions do. They move energy and bring things into motion. The force behind what we feel is what allows us to create. First we have our thought, or perception. But it is the emotional energy, the fuel, that allows something to get created. For example, "I felt so strongly about that, that I had to rush out and do it." Therefore, to create in a positive way, we must generate positive emotions from clear thoughts and perceptions.

Fear is only a mask of your true desire. You need to find out what your true desire is, and state that desire 100% positively: "I choose to have or create..." or "I am... ".

Fears have supported us, and we tend to want to hold onto them through our anger or other emotional reactions because it's the only way of life we've known. Fears can be survival tools, but will keep you locked in a lower vibration that doesn't help your life.

If you find yourself worried or fearful about what other people think, the mirror of that really is: you are in judgment of yourself.

If you are in doubt, you are caught between realities and aren't sure what to believe.

If you are in fear, you are actually holding a belief that you are inadequate to deal with something.

A fear of judgment is actually a desire for unconditional love.

If you are in pain, you are in resistance to something. What are you resisting? Identify what you are getting by holding onto the pain.

Change the perception that there was any damage done in a given situation. If you are the Creator, then you created that situation for some reason. What was the reason?

If you were in pain, you were judging. Move to acceptance. It is all perfect.

If you are asking why, you are into blaming. Go to your heart, instead. There is no war happening, unless you create one by your perception.

Honor where someone is in their development. What lessons had they have to set up to learn for themselves. What can you learn from them. And what can you learn from yourself.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


A joyful heart makes a cheerful face; a sad heart makes a despondent mood. All the days of a poor person are wretched, but contentment is a feast without end.
~Book of Proverbs

Contentment is the goal behind all goals because once achieved there is nothing to seek until it is lost. The ability to compare and contrast experiences and find reality as one is living it to be less than ideal. The solution is to seek ways to make experienced reality conform to the ideal. When one can 'live in the moment' with expectations in harmony, one has achieved the greatest contentment possible.

Contented individuals live longer, happier lives and peace can be co-created by those with inner peace. We need to relax, slow down, let go of the stress of chasing status, material possessions, and other external gratifications to heal ourselves and save the planet.

Begin today, begin NOW. There is no time to lose.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Poetic Emotion

Poor fallen leaf,
you've had your day in the Sun.
You've seen the rain and Summer fun,
and now you lie there on the ground withering,
turning brown.
It's not your fault, old friend,
the trees have let you go.
The sky's have turned from blue to gray.
The rain has turned to snow.
With your death, you bring new life,
and Spring has yet to come.
Another life,
another leaf,
another day in the Sun.

(c) Copyright STS

Friday, June 19, 2009

Quote of the Day

The next message you need is always right where you are.
~ Ram Dass

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life and There of


There is only one truth.. 2+2 can never be 7. Truth is always there, weather we see it or not. The universe has never once lied to us. It never told us the world is flat And it never once tried to hide the fact We are born with the ability to wrap our minds around the cosmos. Why choose anything less? We dont have all the answers yet, but answers is what we seek.

Religion vs Truth

Until it is decided on what to believe, I will have to deduce from life what is real. Despite anything in the bible, reality does not change to accommodate it. When one realizes truth and religion are different, they get into trouble.

Religion says life is sacred. Thou shalt not kill. And thats a fine doctrine, until the word "unless" is seen where it does not exist. Why do they want the 10 Commandments displayed in courtrooms in states where there is a death penalty? Death penalty is ok., War is ok., But the line is drawn at stem cells? I cannot see the thread of truth in that. How is anything but truth, beneficial to this world or to man kind? In religion, no matter what you are, if you are not what the other one is, you are wrong. Where's the truth element?

Good and Evil

Where were they before this planet had life? Was it lurking in the universe,
just waiting for life to evolve knowing that man would be amongst the life?


Poetically, Life Itself is the only magic in this world. It's the only magic this world needs. It does the rest all by itself. To be Life is to be magic. Touch Life is to touch magic.Touch magic, is to touch the stars above. Life is needed by the Universe. It spent years trying to get it right. Life is very hard to start. But once it gets going, it's even harder to stop. Life is what the Universe uses to see Itself at so many levels. Life is the tastebuds of the Universe. I'm not saying the Universe is living and aware. But We are. And there is nothing inside Us, not contained in the Universe. We are ''starstuff''. All we are is starstuff with Life's arrow shot between our eyes. It's all the same stuff.
We are it. It is Us.


Love is how we keep alive. It's part of the Will to live, as well as a result of it. Poetically, Love is a mirror-ball of emotion with each reflection being its own image of desire. But, real love is the glue of life. In its basic form, it helps other life to remain that way. All that lived and loved before us, did something right and thats why we are here. Love is a risky emotion to give to life. It can also make you worry. It can make you hurt. And in some cases, can make you die. Despite that, love is here. And even if you don't have it right now, its still important. Can't have life without it. Its the glue. Love is like gold. If you have it, you are rich. Without it, you are poor and when its fake, you are a fool. Its fools gold. Life and Love is like Magnetism vs Electricity. Its the other thing. Life is what love looks like in mortal form. Everything is in 2's in the Universe. Electricity/Magnatism, Time/Space, Polarities. For this, in Truth, there is a silver thread between it all. There are no lies., No hidden events., No hypocracy. Follow that thread, that's the one. Love has no limits. The only limit of love is death. But in that, you still feel the love. It's all in there. It's all in the Life. No other guarantees but the moment. One deeper than love is that which is called Unconditional Love. It doesn't mean, "I will love you no matter what." But to love everything with no limit., without condition. And that is possible. The Earth doesn't lie to us. Love is all. It is all Us. We are It. And that is what makes it beautiful. In everything, beauty is found gracefully.

(c) Copyright 2009 STS

Truth in change

We commonly think of ourselves as beings possessing phases or states, which we know as emotions, desires, moods, and so forth. At first sight it appears to consist each a single and independent strung together along something which is called the ego, like beads on a necklace. But reflection shows this conception to be consistent more to the fact when we admit one state changes and gives way to another, we overlook the fact that it changes shape even while it persists. We change without ceasing. In Truth, we ourselves are who endure not through change, but by change. Our own lives, as actually experienced, as reality which we are most directly assured to be. We consider the nature of the world around us.

Do we find it impossible to discover anything which passes through, but itself to something other than changes which occur to it? The Universe IS itself a stream of change. However, change is only constant if you choose it to be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Qoute of the Day

The only people with whom you should try to get even with are those who have helped you.

~ John E. Southard

Universal Idea

To depend on a view that we take of the nature of what is defined, and this in its turn is bound up with our general theory of knowledge and the concept of reality. We may, however, safely include among the kind of things that are given to us to know. What we hold these things to be will, to demand on the particular view of sense experience that we adopt. When we use a word to describe something that can belong to a number of different objects or facts, the something may be defined as a universal. Therefore, whiteness, humanity, justice, triangularity, are all universals, since many different things and facts can be respectively white, human, just and triangular. but this particular piece of snow, this man, this legal decision, this triangle, are all as the language we use to speak of them although their total description may involve the presence of universals.
It is to be as to establish the existence of universals as reality.

But to admit that this is how we come to think of universals is very far from posing the true view. When in all truth, universal is.. Under all conditions, embracing all existent, without limit, to All present and everywhere, versatile, and One of which becomes Whole.

Can we bring up love here for a moment? Love lets go, need holds on. How can it be when in truth love is all there is. How does this come about? When we speak of love, as in the content "all there is", it is of Creation. Creation makes love, hate, hurt and happiness, black and white, dark and light. It does this to experience itself through us. We are all bits of Creation. We are all filled with it.
We only create the seperation to experience it. We are One. We are Creation.

From within, In from with

It is to the solution that we provide our experiences that we never misinform what is found in nature. That the experience is from within nature, as nature is in Herself. Becoming the experience you reach the understanding that what we know is not nature as She is, but nature that having the experience of a change coming from within to See, Know, and Experience Nature as do our surroundings.

Grateful Being

Being grateful brings you in a state where everything is possible. Gratefulness is the spontaneous response of every human heart to life, goodness, Truth and beauty. It is at the heart of every religion and spiritual tradition. Positiveness and gratitude results in increased health and well being. The attitude of gratefulness is an antidote to stress and fear. Gratitude is the fastest form of healing.

Life. Love. Understand that its purpose has nothing to do with what you get out of it, and everything to do with what you put into it.

Clarifying Meaning

There are two senses in which words can be said to have meaning. There is the meaning which they have and which we know, when we use them correctly. In this sense most people who can use words with grammatical correctness would be said to know the meaning of the words they use. But there is another sense of the word meaning according to which most people would be said not to know the meaning of the words they are using. What most people habitually do, is to use words in a number of different meanings without realizing the fact.