Saturday, June 27, 2009


A joyful heart makes a cheerful face; a sad heart makes a despondent mood. All the days of a poor person are wretched, but contentment is a feast without end.
~Book of Proverbs

Contentment is the goal behind all goals because once achieved there is nothing to seek until it is lost. The ability to compare and contrast experiences and find reality as one is living it to be less than ideal. The solution is to seek ways to make experienced reality conform to the ideal. When one can 'live in the moment' with expectations in harmony, one has achieved the greatest contentment possible.

Contented individuals live longer, happier lives and peace can be co-created by those with inner peace. We need to relax, slow down, let go of the stress of chasing status, material possessions, and other external gratifications to heal ourselves and save the planet.

Begin today, begin NOW. There is no time to lose.

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