Monday, June 15, 2009

Life and There of


There is only one truth.. 2+2 can never be 7. Truth is always there, weather we see it or not. The universe has never once lied to us. It never told us the world is flat And it never once tried to hide the fact We are born with the ability to wrap our minds around the cosmos. Why choose anything less? We dont have all the answers yet, but answers is what we seek.

Religion vs Truth

Until it is decided on what to believe, I will have to deduce from life what is real. Despite anything in the bible, reality does not change to accommodate it. When one realizes truth and religion are different, they get into trouble.

Religion says life is sacred. Thou shalt not kill. And thats a fine doctrine, until the word "unless" is seen where it does not exist. Why do they want the 10 Commandments displayed in courtrooms in states where there is a death penalty? Death penalty is ok., War is ok., But the line is drawn at stem cells? I cannot see the thread of truth in that. How is anything but truth, beneficial to this world or to man kind? In religion, no matter what you are, if you are not what the other one is, you are wrong. Where's the truth element?

Good and Evil

Where were they before this planet had life? Was it lurking in the universe,
just waiting for life to evolve knowing that man would be amongst the life?


Poetically, Life Itself is the only magic in this world. It's the only magic this world needs. It does the rest all by itself. To be Life is to be magic. Touch Life is to touch magic.Touch magic, is to touch the stars above. Life is needed by the Universe. It spent years trying to get it right. Life is very hard to start. But once it gets going, it's even harder to stop. Life is what the Universe uses to see Itself at so many levels. Life is the tastebuds of the Universe. I'm not saying the Universe is living and aware. But We are. And there is nothing inside Us, not contained in the Universe. We are ''starstuff''. All we are is starstuff with Life's arrow shot between our eyes. It's all the same stuff.
We are it. It is Us.


Love is how we keep alive. It's part of the Will to live, as well as a result of it. Poetically, Love is a mirror-ball of emotion with each reflection being its own image of desire. But, real love is the glue of life. In its basic form, it helps other life to remain that way. All that lived and loved before us, did something right and thats why we are here. Love is a risky emotion to give to life. It can also make you worry. It can make you hurt. And in some cases, can make you die. Despite that, love is here. And even if you don't have it right now, its still important. Can't have life without it. Its the glue. Love is like gold. If you have it, you are rich. Without it, you are poor and when its fake, you are a fool. Its fools gold. Life and Love is like Magnetism vs Electricity. Its the other thing. Life is what love looks like in mortal form. Everything is in 2's in the Universe. Electricity/Magnatism, Time/Space, Polarities. For this, in Truth, there is a silver thread between it all. There are no lies., No hidden events., No hypocracy. Follow that thread, that's the one. Love has no limits. The only limit of love is death. But in that, you still feel the love. It's all in there. It's all in the Life. No other guarantees but the moment. One deeper than love is that which is called Unconditional Love. It doesn't mean, "I will love you no matter what." But to love everything with no limit., without condition. And that is possible. The Earth doesn't lie to us. Love is all. It is all Us. We are It. And that is what makes it beautiful. In everything, beauty is found gracefully.

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