Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Poetic Emotion


A man in the water
About to go under
Crying out for someone to save him
But no one is there

A child in pain
From a parent abuse
No ear to hear
No eye to see

A loved one is fading
Into the night
No shoulder to cry on
Not even a care

The drunk, the addict
The suicidal, the cutter
The depressant, the manic
The hopeless, the bereaved

The homeless, the lonely
The sad, the happy
The jobless, the sick
All looking for a glimpse of hope

Then there it is
A glimmer, a spark
A ray of light

A room where it is safe
To cry, to share
To feel, to love
To be a friend and trust

When we need a friend
A shoulder to cry on
Lifeline is there
A light in darkness

A hope when it's lost
A person to care
A room to hold
All the pain and tears

It is our lifeline
Without it we'd be lost
Without it others might not
Have hope

It's safety
It's a life jacket
It's what home should feel like
IT IS home, it's Lifeline.

(c) Copyright 2009 RP

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