Thursday, October 15, 2009

A List to Live By

The most destructive habit ~ Worry
You will get grey faster this way,

and bring on stomach ailments!

The greatest Joy ~ Giving
You won’t have excess baggage!

The greatest loss ~ Loss of self-respect
You must stand up for yourself!

The most satisfying work ~ Helping others
You can forget your troubles!

The ugliest personality trait ~ Selfishness
Good enough to bring on diseases for sure!
It will lead you no where and even if you did,

you’ll be back to square one.

Most endangered species ~ Dedicated Leaders
We can all join hands to enrich this.

Our Greatest natural resource ~ Our youth
Be kind and gentle to our future.

Greatest problem to Overcome ~ Fear
It can only enrich the one who fears you

which we should avoid!

Most effective sleeping pill ~ Peace of mind
At the end of our life we take nothing,

leave possession behind.

Most crippling failure disease ~ Excuses
Be yourself and don’t fear to state the truth!

The most powerful Force in Life ~ Love
There’s no limit to it!

World's most Incredible computer ~ The brain
Relax it and use it wisely!

Worst thing to be without ~ Hope
Though, you can make it happen!

The deadliest weapon ~ The tongue
Use it wisely, so you don’t have regrets.

The two most powerful words ~ "I Can"
Do anything!

The two most potent words ~ "I Am"

Brings anything to YOU.

The Greatest asset ~ Faith
It can move mountains.

The most beautiful attire ~ SMILE!
You can exercise the muscles of your face.

The most prized possession ~ Integrity
And you have it all!

Most powerful channel of communication ~ Prayer
Talk to your maker in good and bad times.

The most contagious spirit ~ Enthusiasm
It can spread happiness!

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