Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are you running your life or running away from it?

Your existence here on Earth coupled with your choice in thoughts, feelings, actions, and connections comprise your life and all aspects of it ~ your profession, romantic partnership, family dynamic, health status, and financial matters.
How you handle your life and whether or not you decide to progress, heal, experience peace, and fulfill your potential is your responsibility.
Is there an area of your life or yourself that has been nagging you to change? Are you mentally in denial, emotionally paralyzed by fear, or physically apathetic about wanting to evolve? Are you running from your life and your path?
In order to take control, even if you feel like you've never been able to be in the driver's seat of your own life, you need to admit there is a problem, be willing to improve, and own responsibility. Ignoring imbalances or justifying poor habits is not progressive or productive, and you will unlikely reach that level of contentment that is your birthright.
As an adult you have a choice. No one else can make you change and see the light. You make the choices you do, so don't complain if the consequences are unfavorable. Examine yourself in the mirror. What life area is your intuition guiding you to transform? What lesson are you tired of repeating? When are you going to start running your life, not running from it?
Your source of power comes from within yourself. By connecting to a higher wisdom, you can feel worthy and accept divinely guided help, stay focused on your journey, and co-create true fulfillment.
Affirmations: I confidently face my life head on because I want to create the life of my dreams. The universe responds when I take one step to transform unhealthy habits and relationships to that which serves my higher purpose. My power comes from within and my connection to a higher source. I am in control!

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