Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Am

I am not lonesome nor apart that men should cry, "Lo, there!"

I am the all, immersed in all, behold me everywhere.,

I am the morning zepher soft while skipping over the lea,

I am the music of the brook that flows on to the sea:

I am the kisses of the sun, I am the tears of the rain,

I am the welcome breath of spring that brings new life again;

I am the sprouting of the seed, the budding of the flower,

I am the beauty that men behold unfolding every hour.,

I am the singing of the birds. the rustling of the leaves.

I am the holy force of life in everything that breathes.,

I am the thrill of harmony men feel but cannot tell,

I am the firm unchanging law that work all things well;

I am the source that all men seek, I am their peace, their pain,

I am the courage of the weak that turns all loss to gain.,

I am the hope that never dies, the ecstasy divine,

I am the Great, Eternal Love that draws all life to mine.,

I am the light that never fails, the power that never dies,

I am the still, small voice within that bids the Soul arise.,

I am the Fruit of highest thought,

I am the iron rod that strengthens and supports the whole,

I Am what men call God.

One, and One only,

I am in essence: Changeless, indivisible:

Concealing within my being.

The ten Lights of divine emanation.

In this, mine unalterable unity, Am I supreme,

And none is equal unto me.

Yet though I myself remain unchanged.

Throughout eternity,

My power doth manifest itself in ceaseless change.

Of all existences I am the source,

The continuation, and the end.

I am the germ, I am the growth, I am the decay,

All things and creatures I send forth.,

I support them while yet they stand without.,

And when the dream of separation ends,

I cause their return unto myself.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first. This consists of the one which is., the One issuing, thus becoming the Two being born of the One., and the relationship of activity is thus the Three.

If you write your name on a piece of paper, you must first touch pen to paper. This creates the Point. Then you must move the pen. This creates the Line. The line is a continuation of the Point. The Point is the Father. The Line is the Son. The relationship between the Point and the Line is that of movement, of activity. Life is activity, hence the Third is the Giver of Life. However, these Three are not Three, but One. This is because the issuing has not yet taken place. And before the issuing can take place, the possibility, the power, of its doing so must exist. This is possibility. The possibility is the potential. This is partnership.

But, Also now again:

The beginning of all things is division.

"For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union.

This is the creation of the world."

God, being Love, divides for the sake of union.

It is described as the Circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. Its center is everywhere. Its circumference is nowhere. Everywhere. Every Where, Now Here.

From this the shining worlds flow forth,

To this all at last return,

Yet to this no man. May draw nigh, For it is known only to itself.
There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth;

Indeed, it has no form, much less a name;

Eyes fail to see it; It has no voice for ears to detect;

To call to Mind or Buddha violates its nature,

For it then becomes like a visionary flower in the air.

It is not Mind, nor Buddha; Absolutely quiet,

and yet illuminating in a mysterious way,

It allows itself to be perceived only by the clear-eyed.

It is Dharma truly beyond form and sound;

It is Tao having nothing to do with words.

There is day, also, and night in the universe;

The wise know this, declaring the day of Brahma.

A thousand ages in span.

And the night a thousand ages,

It is the Cosmic Breath.

It is indrawn and held.

Strong with suppliant voice had call,

Heaven, sea, and Earth, the mighty queen of all,

Immortal for all the world is thine,

And all are parts of thee, O' power divine.

Come, blessed whom rural in delight,

Come, wandering, a starry light.

Whose various parts, by thee inspired, combine

In endless dance and melody divine.

In thee a refuge from our fears we find,

Those fears peculiar to the humankind.

Three, shepherds, streams of water, goats rejoice,

thou lovest the chase and Echo's secret voice:

the sportive Nymphs thy every step attend,

And all thy works fulfill their destined.

O' all-producing power, much famed, divine,

The world's great ruler, rich increase is thine.

All-fertile heavenly splendour pure,

In fruits rejoicing, and in caves obscure.

By thee the Earth wide-bosomed, deep and long,

Stands on a basis permanent and strong.

The unwearied waters of the rolling sea,

Profoundly spreading, yield to thy decree,

Submit alike to thee, whose general sway

All parts of matter, various formed, obey.

All natures change though thy protecting care,

And all mankind thy liberal bounties share;

For these, wherever dispersed through boundless space,

Still find thy providence support their race.

Come, Blessed power, draw near,

Propitious to these holy rites attend,

And grant our lives may meet a prosperous end;

Drive panic fury too, wherever found,

From humankind to earth's remotest bound.

Abode of whose guardian power surrounds

The eternal world with ever during bounds;

Whose ample bosom, and encircling folds

The dire necessity of nature holds,

Ethereal, earthly, whose all various frame,

Azure and full of forms, no power can tame,

All seeing, source of Saturn and of time,

Forever blessed, deity sublime,

Propitious on a novel mystic shine,

And crown his wishes with a life divine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~