Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Without End

From Within and Outward

We come together here and now to bring our thoughts together as a rainbow is made of many colors. So let our colors blend and meld together. We ask that our combined thoughts be made as one, and the problems and difficulties of our day move away from us. We ask that we may be protected in all that we do. To picture briefly in the mind, and who work for the good all over. We ask for within light of all these things, we bring our families and loved ones together. And we see the light of love spreading from here to there, through all these people, touching them in their lives filling them with love and peace., and spreading from them to all that they come into contact with spreading across the world in the light of love., illuminating the dark places joining with all others who feel love. Until the whole world is covered with the light of love. Nourishing all that dwell upon it and as we close to go our separate ways again we ask for grounding to safely, to do what we each have to do. Take a deep breath and keep on.

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