Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Power in Trust

Relax into the present moment. Do what you need to do in the present moment. Yours is not to worry about that which we call the future. That does not mean that you do not consider the consequences of each of your choices. Talking into account the consequences of your decisions is responsible choice. It means to create strongly in the present time. Keep your power just in the day that you are living, and not on how to maneuver tomorrow.

Use all your wordly connections, but not out of panic and not out of fear. Do what you need to do on your end. Your choice comes in knowing appropriate timing, clear motivation, and trust. Allow your intuition to guide your timing. Take it inside, ask how you feel, and then move forward. Allow yourself to experience what it is to learn step by step the freedom that comes from being unattached to the outcome, but operating from an empowered heart.

Hold onto the thought that there is nothing without value that exists, that it is impossible to create any form of Life that does not have value. Therefore, it is impossible to create any action that does not have value. You may not see it, but that is irrelevant. Live in the trust that when it is appropriate, pieces will fall into place and you will see clearly.

Trust allows you to call forth your negativities in order to heal them. It allows you to follow your feelings through your defenses to their sources, and to bring to the Light of those aspects of yourself that resist wholeness, that live in fear. The journey to authentic power requires that you become conscious of all that you appear to be an endless process, but it is not.

Feel your intentions in your heart. Feel not what your mind tells you, but what your heart tells you. Divine intelligence is in the heart. Allow yourself to experience what you feel toward them, and to hear what they feel. Your interactions with them form the basis of your growth. When you fear what you will find in yourself, or what you will find in others, if you allow yourself to hear what others have to say, you turn your back on the opportunities that the Universe is giving you to find the power of your heart, the power of compassion. It is not until you have the courage to engage in individuals that help you grow.

Compassion is mutual compassion. The physical body is soothed and invigorated by the energy of the heart, and torn by lower frequency currents of anger, rage, fear and violence. When you treat another harshly and distance yourself from your heart, it is you that suffers as well as the other, and when you treat another with compassion, you treat yourself kindly at the same time. As you expand, and as you become aware of what you feel, you become aware of the dual effects of compassion and the lack of it. You become aware of the damage that you do to your own body when you feel and act without compassion.

Each time you feel negative, if ever, Stop. Acknowledge that you are, and discharge it. Let it go. Change it. Ask what you are feeling and what is at the root of it. Go for the root of it in that instant and as you work to pull the root, simultaneously look at the positive side and remind yourself of the greater truth.

Trust allows you to give. Giving is abundant. As you give so it shall be given to you. If you give with judgment, limitation and stinginess, that is what you will create in your life. What you say to others shall be done exactly unto you. If you radiate love and compassion, you do receive it. Trust allows the experience of bliss. Trust allows you to laugh. You can just as easily laugh and play while you grow as become serious and overwhelmed.

All of what you are doing in each day is creating what is appropriate and perfect. Apply to this process, and that is trust. Allow yourself to become aware of what you feel. Give yourself permission to choose the most positive behavior in each moment. Humbleness, forgiveness, clarity and love, all the gifts, take root and bloom, and you draw them to you.
The Universe's greatest gift: human beings with open hearts.


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