Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poetic Emotion

Knowing Grace

A splashy sunset bathes the mountains in a soft radiance.
The light of a full moon dances on the surface of a rippling river.
Grace and Beauty adorn the natural world.
It is not an all powerful force, nor is it essential or fundamental.
By itself, grace is formed without content.
Grace is moonlight on water.
Yet it brings artistic expression into the world;
In the arts, it arises out of adherence to form ~
The dancer becoming the form of the dance.
The musician giving life to the form of a musical score.
The painter becoming one with the brush and canvas.
It is aligned with form of life raised above the mere.
Possession of Grace, like the bearing of a beautiful gift to a wedding,
can add stature to those in humble positions...
Take care to lend it's dignity even to small happenings.
While giving the weight of deep and careful consideration,
to matters of greater consequence.
Through it, should you not be confused with true substance.
The artistic flair can take one far in this world.

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