Wednesday, April 8, 2009


You are connected in layers and through them to your experience. As you advance through your own life that part of your experience, which is a deeper part of you, you move into the part of a larger group of your community. Which is a part of a larger group of nation. It is the nation of humankind. The reality of each individual is created by his or her intentions and the intentions of others.

As you learn lessons through any and each experience, those characteristics become unnecessary, but are replaced by others. This is how you grow. As you come to realize, for example, that anger leads nowhere, your anger begins to disappear and you move into a more intergrated and matue orientation toward your experiences. What once angered you now brings forth different responses.

Your intentions create the reality that you experience. Everything within your world reflects where your experience will become.

When you look upon the experiences of your life, when you react to your experiences rather than the particular interactions that you bring into it, you bring that to which you experience into your reality. When you choose to respond to life's difficulties with all that you bring into it, and be it so, that it is with compassion and love, instead of fear and doubt, you create a "heaven on Earth." You bring the aspects of a more balanced and harmonious level of your reality into Being.

What you intend to Be, becomes your reality.

You draw it to you. And together you create a giving reality. Your experiences then reflect your own experience of that aspect, and validate it. You see the individuals around you who give, rather than those who take. You trust them, and in return, they trust you.

Become one step closer so that you can let your experiences begin to come to you. In a way through to you as deeply as it does in terms of creating action, and positive thoughts and emotions. And all other actions it creates, will come to you.

Become one step closer, and every time that you are able to see this, you will more and more, become.

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