Friday, June 12, 2009

Universal Idea

To depend on a view that we take of the nature of what is defined, and this in its turn is bound up with our general theory of knowledge and the concept of reality. We may, however, safely include among the kind of things that are given to us to know. What we hold these things to be will, to demand on the particular view of sense experience that we adopt. When we use a word to describe something that can belong to a number of different objects or facts, the something may be defined as a universal. Therefore, whiteness, humanity, justice, triangularity, are all universals, since many different things and facts can be respectively white, human, just and triangular. but this particular piece of snow, this man, this legal decision, this triangle, are all as the language we use to speak of them although their total description may involve the presence of universals.
It is to be as to establish the existence of universals as reality.

But to admit that this is how we come to think of universals is very far from posing the true view. When in all truth, universal is.. Under all conditions, embracing all existent, without limit, to All present and everywhere, versatile, and One of which becomes Whole.

Can we bring up love here for a moment? Love lets go, need holds on. How can it be when in truth love is all there is. How does this come about? When we speak of love, as in the content "all there is", it is of Creation. Creation makes love, hate, hurt and happiness, black and white, dark and light. It does this to experience itself through us. We are all bits of Creation. We are all filled with it.
We only create the seperation to experience it. We are One. We are Creation.

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