Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poetry Emotion: Where The Lost Boys Dwell

Peter landed deftly
Upon hills rolling swirls
Around him gathered Lost Boys
Who threw their arms around the world

The Pan they had proclaimed him
In the trees they gladly dwelt
High above the earth they slept soundly
But on that earth they now knelt

Clothed in skins of nature
They never stood alone
They found it's not brick that builds a house
But blood that builds a home

A cheer rose noisily
As he and the golden fairy descended
Then they cried tears of joy
Fearing their leader's time had been ended

It was Orion who first questioned
While Tinker smirked with glee
"Peter, why have you been leaving?"
"Who is it that you see?"

Peter hung his head
Like a flower that has withered
Tinker then did answer
As a snake that did slither

She said, "Peter has a dilemma,
"And in this your part does not play,
"You live here in Neverland,
"While Peter flirts away."

The Lost Boys looked about in confusion
While the trees grew more shade
Tinker held a laugh inside
Until Pan showed of what he was made

"I will tell you, O' brothers mine,"
"I have gone to see a girl."
"She breathes the air in a land of fools,"
"I intend to bring her here."

Copyright 2012  Edward Randall Arriaga
   Image content provided by: Neverpedia 

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