Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poetry Emotion: Wendy's Window Opens Again

Relentlessly she tossed

Waiting for the boy in green

Still not accepting

He was nothing but a dream

Like a rose the moon bloomed

As the frozen landscape slurred

Streetlamps gathering sounds

... But the mists kept them blurred

A silence same to the houses

Where the English soundly slept

But Wendy heard the noise

As the snow melt sadly wept

Like a raven in a poem

Came on her glass a tapping

She tossed away her covers

Knowing it was happening

At the window a shadow hunkered

Shivering in the chill

But the frost had not taken

The strength of her will

"Wendy," the shadow whispered,

"Are you ready to fly?"

"There is no need whatsoever"

"To bid your parents a last goodbye."

"Who are you?" she asked

"And then I'll ask no more."

"I am the key," Peter answered.

"And I am your Door."

"Let us go to a place,"

He said with a smile.

"I never believed in Destiny,"

"But for you I will awhile."

Copyright 2012  Edward Randall Arriaga

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