Monday, April 9, 2012

Poetry Emotion: The Resurrection of Peter Pan

He sat cross legged and shivering

A London winter blowing cruel

As Tinker spiraled round... and round

Telling him he was a fool

She spouted words brashly

Unleashing her deceit

He knew a fairy's fury

And knew the sleeping girl's Belief

His young heart had no idea

Of what kept him always true

But Tinker loved him dearly

And never told him that she knew

As Peter watched her sleeping

The wind grew less cold

He knew that this girl Wendy

Would help his youthfulness unfold

Despite Tink’s best efforts

He tapped upon the glass

His knuckles leaving marks

That for a reason seemed to last

The girl Wendy stirred softly

Then awakened like one ordained

But there was no surprise in her eyes

Seeing Peter on her pane

He said, "I can take your hand with certainty

And fly you to a star

I’ll take a right and follow it

To land that isn’t far"

"I know it’s hard to trust," he said

One who can truly fly

But those who are frightened by our wings

Will never reach the sky"

Wendy heard the truth

And did not care if it was a dream

She thought, If all dreams are like this one

Then nothing is as it seems

As Wendy came to the window

Tinker swam about Peter's head

Bickering and wrangling

Of a decision he would dread

The fairy's voice meant nothing

As he watched Wendy's hand

Flip the latch that would lead his heart

Into the Promised Land...

"Who are you, little boy?"

"With clothes so bizarre?"

And though it's dark outside,

"You glow like a star."

Peter could not help but smile

The fairy's shine still aglow

"I am the Pan," he grinned

"And there's a place you need to know."

Tinker wheeled in fury

Scolding him with pride

Peter whispered, "Tink your breath is wasted,"

"On what I feel inside."

Wendy took Peter's hand

Despite her gown and the cold

"Are you ready?" Peter asked

"To never grow old?"

© Copyright 2012 Edward Randall Arriaga
*Image by the artwork of Brom all Rights reserved

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