Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poetry Emotion: The Lost Boy's Secret Council

Peter slept deeply that morning

Neverland's sun rising high

The Lost Boy's called a council

Asking desperate questions why

Tinker sat as the chairman

... Their hope she had took

Though no boundary surrounded them

They were pages in her book

Tink took the stage with laughter

Glowing like a flower in bloom

She said, "Boys we have gathered,

To watch Peter seal our doom."

The boy Justice spoke swiftly

"Of what end do you speak?"

he was answered by Prudence

"It's the girl Peter seeks."

"He has lost his sense of a place,"

"That Indians and mermaids do share."

"This girl comes to our Neverland,

"From a place that is Neverthere."

Copyright 2012  Edward Randall Arriaga
Image: Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery

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