Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poetry Emotion

My music goes with you for cure of humanity's wrong.
To invert the affront when you fail to sing my song.
The script codes on the surface are in line with time.
The spirals twist and unfold to form a line.

Take a walk in these fields where all things form.
Seek the root of the atoms which stray the norm.
Levels of esters in growth as enzymes catalyze.
Amino acids build the molecules for protein we synthesize.

Learn from the message inlaid, how to genetically realign.
Growth of the plant and man are intertwined.
Primal DNA is gift of Mother Earth no man claimed.
All memory of time in soil or script in stone are here engrained.

Man's sight to enable the brain's circuitry recognitions.
A stimulus for our thoughts cognitive revelations.
Messages on Earth's canvas guide us in time of need.
Historical repetition of linguistics mankind must heed.

Renditions by an unknown artist paint a lost memory now past.
A forgotten language in the shadows time has outcast.
Earth's mass must reciprocate unto Light's energy demand.
The black of night absorbs in silence the need of reprimand.

Empty spaces hold, contained rest energies.
Where diffractions of the Light bends for gravity to appease.
Perfusing now these long forgotten links to thought in time.
Awakens simplicity to complex reason without rhyme.

Take a ninety degree angle, lay it on a line and a convex curved.
The geometric design signifies what the Egyptian long ago learned.
To heal the Earth is to free the Mind.
Absorb the Sun, to reach height of our climb.

Evolutionary leaders sing a song of mutant codes.
Evolution without time is song only time's past knows.
The Earth sings the song whose harmonic is for the Cosmic race.
Therein is so defined, the music humanity's imprint could not erase.

~ RAM Original 2009 ~

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