Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In the Beginning?

It's one thing to discuss and debate the endless theory of Spirituality, but giving due consideration to the 'chicken or the egg' scenario, might not be essential before going down that road., to consider which comes first: Spirituality or the manifestation of mankind.

Beyond the scope of creative and evolutionary processes, already considered most likely to have brought about the human species and that are now well established and circulated on the planet. There are numerous theories put forward by well versed academics, such being uncovered by wandering along countless corridors of consideration. And also pertaining to more diverse hypothetical evolutionary processes.

Given, most accept the wide spread findings or theories of modern science a more logical or practical means of evolution, others consider it worthwhile to explore more diverse avenues of thought. And this, that might throw a different color light on the creative and 'growth option' process. With that in mind, I am taking a look at some more diverse ideas, and put them forward by some theorists, one of whom is Thomas Gold (1920 - 2004), whose fields of expertise were noted for: Astrophysics, Astronomy, Biophysics, Cosmology, Geophysics and Aerospace engineering. A somewhat diverse proposal that was placed forward by Professor Gold, labeled 'The Garbage Theory', suggested that life on Earth might have evolved from a portion of waste products (material type undisclosed) dumped on Earth many years ago by other explorers. He certainly didn't stand alone in or with the reasoning that this form of incarnation may have taken place. From a British history channel documentary series, the program looked into the practicalities of the ancient beings theory. Those who have oriented their minds in a way that will allow them to consider such prospects. Diverse as some might be, the considerations of the many are more likely to reveal the truths that will ring clear to the few. Personally, I will keep my ears, eyes and mind wide open as I continue to search for and try to uncover more that supports a more radical approach to my being here.

Another contribution in thought, Archaeology has really brought new evidence to the past theories of mankind's creation and evolution. It is rather sad that other influences of governments, science and such seem to delay sharing much of this new information with the world. I have the opinion that creation from what was already, is a much longer in the past than previously thought. All potentials are possible and the many choices determines mankind's growth patterns. It seems to me though that mankind had to become more 'aware' of these patterns before it could start recognizing the 'need' for self accountability on this planet. To review history, we can find many events were civilizations came and went without a thought of self accountability. So in this aspect then you may see that mankind evolving into a civilization that is recognizing to the consequences of not being self accountable. However, greed and other errs of society have it moving at a snails pace. I had heard in conversations in one moment that we are behind in evolving. Maybe so. All the individual souls that are progressing and evolving, of this.. there is no doubt. But when the soul finds itself in place, it then also possesses a higher level of intelligence and can make choices and decisions that will either cast it down into a lower life form again or open the way for even higher and finer levels of development. We are the architects of our own destiny. The set of desires we cultivate during the course of this life are already forming our next. Our bodies are temporary but we are eternal.

Scientists and Universities all around the world have been trying for over 100 years to prove that evolution is the mechanism that created life, yet.. no scientific evidence has been found. There are theories of where life came from, one theory of evolution says that the first life came into existence four or five billion years ago as a result of billions of years of accidental, random atomic collisions. Another, that life came into existence through a creator, creating life, and also Darwin's theory of natural selection. If you may not very well know how life originated, and although there has been a variety of experiments that has been shown to us, some of the possibilities, some will remain in ignorance. Some, in an enormous amount of time, effort, and funds have been spent trying to learn how evolution brought about the existence of the first living organism. But although some beliefs sound very logical, the only thing that anyone has provided are merely statements of theory. The rest will be absolute truth.

There are multiple avenues that branch out from the tree, but there can only be one historical path that life took and as yet we do not know which of these avenues will lead us through the maze and which will end up in a blind alley. At the end of the day, we have to admit that we're looking through the glass. We have our own hints, we have geologic record that tells us that life formed early. And the trouble with a 'nothing's new' scenario (in context with) is that the written word can be interpreted in many different ways thus making it idealistic for some misrepresentation or certain levels of sculpting to take place. In any hope and chance to anything including the imaginative one can perceive. But there again, then such to those who will have methods to make the subject clearer, if we are to allow more free thinking and expression to have its way, or day.

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To this place where I now am, and the person I am..

They are in no specific date order.. more like the pieces of a puzzle that need to be put together by anyone who's interested enough to find out how I reached the point in time., where I am now., and the events to such has led me to be..

Some parts relate to early childhood, others more later in years, some are just thoughts that have passed through my thoughts conjured up by brief memories that sprung to mind for no particular reason., or were even inspired by the words and thoughts of others.

Who can say why the images of life, that are (in reality) life in the making with each passing moment come into being.. Maybe its not for us (as individuals) at all ~ more so., they might be hidden messages, intended for others, who need a new direction in life and are pondering on what to do, or which way to turn.

I see our journey as a path. Many people say that this path leads us to Perfection. Not sure about that. All I know is that each step is the perfect stage for learning something that enables you to give the next step no matter where you want to go. Sometimes the teachings are not always easy and we change our ways many of times. Sometimes we intend to take shortcuts but all we can get are long detours. (and sometimes that's a good thing) Sometimes the path is full of stones and at other times it is full of flowers. We are all on this forever changing journey, forever growing, forever changing, and during its course come to many destinations, each merely a short stop signifying a new beginning.

We all experience success and failure, joy and heartbreak, the journey never stops. Then we begin wandering down an untraveled road, no maps, no directions or road signs. And innocent of any concept of corruption, but along the way we learn, gaining knowledge. And some of that knowledge can lead to choices or situations outside of our own making where temptation lays in wait to entrap. But it is difficult to say what any one of us would do in any one situation., or to judge the actions of others when faced with an easy way out without first walking in their shoes. And all we can ever do is the best that we can at any one given moment. Everyone has a purpose and we are all unique doing our own thing in our own way, having respect for ourselves promotes respect for others.

The life of an individual is like the seasons of the year: each with its peculiar beauty. Whatever the season..

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