Friday, October 10, 2008

The Power of Heyoka


What is heyoka? Heyoka has it's roots in Native American culture and is all about the power of doing things backwards to help us stay energetically in a good state of flow.

In addition being empathic and having a sensitive nervous system that is programmed
to pick up all sorts of nifty energy, many of us are energetically hard-wired "backwards." If you've ever felt different, like you don't quite belong, then you may identify with the magic of the Heyoka story. Many of us will zig while others zag. We may be happy at times when others are sad, and vice versa. We will be taking breath in when others are exhaling. We may even read books backwards; from front to back, or even read from right to left. For the most part, these inherent "backward" urges are programmed in our DNA.

In some Native American cultures, the heyoka is honored as a sacred clown who teaches the value of purposefully acting in a manner opposite to our natural instincts so that we don't get too serious. The heyoka is not comfortable with too much linearity, predictability, or social order. The heyoka has an intimate relationship with ambiguity and chaos as tools of spiritual advancement. If you have heyoka power, you may use this type of energy naturally. These heyoka moments help us to take ourselves less seriously.Even if you aren't Heyoka by nature, the Universe will give us days to experience the Heyoka energy.

For instance, I recently asked a friend to tune in to the energy that I was projecting toward her over the phone. When I asked her to concentrate on the subtleties of the jangled, anxious energy I was sending, she perceived it as completely calm and tranquil. When I projected feelings of being on a tropical island, it made her nervous and she felt her heart chakra close.

Why is it important to know about Heyoka? Because there are times when our normally reliable empathic perception and trusty intuition may be purposefully fooling us. On certain days, it may be best to do the exact opposite of what your empathic intuition tells you. With time and refinement, you will be able to discern when this might be happening for you. It's random and unpredictable; and because of this, it helps us pay closer attention and listen more carefully.

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