Friday, October 10, 2008

Empathy in the World

Every single thought carries energy that affects ourselves and others. Empaths know and understand this unlike any other individuals, because we can sense other's negativity. We feel it in our own energy.If we do not face our own Shadow side and learn to become friends with it, then we will never learn to grow past it. It can NEVER be changed by controlling it, ignoring it, or trying to get rid of it. If you are experiencing the shadow, it is nothing more than an invitation for you to create Light.

This is done through pure prayer, patience, and finding others who are stronger
on which to temporarily rely. We cannot accomplish our Collective task unless we help each other. Accumulated negativity (otherwise known as Karma) is never altered unless we have a stronger Light energy to absorb it and transmute it.

Prayer from a pure and humble heart is strong enough to erase and diminish any negative energy. It may take years to be enough to overcome, but with patience and perseverance, it will be overcome. Everything wants to grow and develop, including your limitations. There is nothing out there that can harm us unless we let it. The one sure thing that will stop anything from moving forward is by creating massive amounts of Light energy. After you set any healing intentions, there will likely be obstacles thrown your way ~ to test you.

Your job is to keep moving forward, despite the obstacles.
If you fall down 7 times, you get up 8 times.
You do not quit. You do not try.
There is nothing that is strong enough to break you, unless you let it.
Move forward by holding the vision of the good things that you want to create.

Excerpt from the book The Hanged Man:

I know I'm better because I feel worse.
The nice you are, the harder it gets.
The stronger I grow, the weaker I feel.
You can't give it to me because I already have it.

I can't be littler because you're not bigger.
The more lost I become, the clearer it gets.
I'm feeling confused, I must be in the right place.
I move furthest when I am stuck.
The more I cry, the harder I laugh.
The safest places are the most dangerous.
I can't make you love me, you already do.
I can't be special, everyone/no one is.
Given permission to rest, I work harder.
I may not get to win, but I don't have to lose.

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