Monday, February 6, 2012

Accept Yourself

As this begins today truly is perfect in all its unfolding. Observe with an open heart and mind. Listen, watch and stay receptive. Yes with what comes around us, to us but just as importantly what is within us. Observe ourselves, look deeper and all that we observe about ourselves accept and embrace. When we are open and willing to see a situation as it is and not try to place it in a particular interpretation or form we are allowing ourselves to shift not only our perception of what this is but how we respond and act upon it.

Take the time to digest and make our choices from a place of mindfulness and receptive to change. I am not speaking on being hesitant or uncertain in any way. It is on relearning how to trust ourselves and our choices by cultivating patience and coming from a place seeing a person, a place, a circumstance as they are. Watch the energies that come and our own as they are and when we do choose we act from a place of fuller understanding, wisdom and insight. This way we can move and act in a way that comes from our integrity and will full confidence.

This is especially true with change that we wish to see happen. Think of those areas that you wish to change. Are truly accepting ourselves in every way or do keep ourselves at a distance from what we wish to see change? Observe our actions, our reactions, our thoughts, our perceptions about ourselves.

Apart of the essence of this is being able to accept every part of who you are I do mean every part., even the parts that we may not find that acceptable. Approve and embrace who you are right now, in this moment., every aspect and be at peace with yourself even those parts of you that you want to change. The more open you are to accept the more you begin to integrate, adapt, evolve and yes the more you change.

You are no longer contending with yourself, arguing, fighting, at odds. You come to place of harmony in that choice you can observe and participate at the same time. Watch what unfolds, continue to give yourself unconditional acceptance and love and that, that Acceptance and Love, will transform every part of you and what magnificent and divine changes will occur.

You will be making choices and taking actions that flow from the root and seed of Unconditional Love and that is where everything germinates from. Be patient with yourself, be accepting of yourself and love yourself completely then watch and listen and See just how marvelous you truly are and the way you Shine deeply and brightly. :)

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