Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paradigm Shift

The lifting veil-consciousness shift - paradigm shift-raising of vibration.. evolution..

All these words are symbols, within the quantum world.. all things that come to “be” are an accumulation of energy particles..

The physical world.. it is created through the global consciousness of mankind, simply put, all of our human thoughts, and actions make up this physical world, we are of one body, all of our individual energy fields making up this one body of energy.

Most of mankind, are not aware of this, they are caught within the dream..

This time in our human evolution is a shift in consciousness, we as a race are becoming more conscious. The very vibration of our individual beings are accelerating.. this is taking place due to the fact that the veil that hangs over the global mind of humanity is thinning, its lifting. This means that humans will be and are waking up from the dream.. the dream of separation.. the dream of being a limited separated fleshly human and nothing more..

All it takes for a shift in consciousness to take place is for one individual aspect of consciousness to “realign” and it will cause a rippling affect to travel through the entire being of consciousness we are.. an awakening.

This shift is being pushed along by seen and unseen agents, we are all a part of this shift.. every thing that is, every thing that was, every thing that will be, all of it together at the same instant.. each thing holding a different frequency.. all of it together as one.. all of it together, causing this shift to occur..

As this shift takes hold, the veil will continue to lift. We as a species will be more exposed and influenced by the beings of energy that exist within the fourth dimension. All these “beings” they are composed of energy at their bases as we all are.. not all of these beings though have love in their hearts, they feed off the energy created by human beings. Your every thought and emotion creates an unseen little string, what is being done with this energy If this energy was risen through a human vessel, they would be transformed,.. In consciousness, vibration, then that is reflected within their fleshly experience, including their physical world..

Pain, terror,.. either physical or intellectual causes the veil over our individual minds to lift.. pain, it pushes us within ourselves and it is within ourselves that the highest of truth lay, that is why many people experience an awakening of spirit after a near death in their lives or the lose of a loved one., the pain causes a tear in their surrounding veil.. altering the frequency of the subatomic particles that they consist of.. they become more conscious, vibrating on a higher frequency.

Pain is only a “bad” thing if we view or perceive it that way., when a woman is pregnant, she experiences pain to birth her child.. the pain a part of pushing the child into this world.. the child too would feel physical and emotional pain as its being pushed through the birthing channel into this physical world, this pain, even though we may not like it.. we understand it and accept it as a gift because through the pain, a new beautiful child is born to us, I have to say here from my own heart that the suffering of humanity., I can not call it a good thing or a beautiful thing., Every moment of every day a child is sexually and physically abused.. right this second, world wide there are millions of people starving.. right this very moment, countless numbers of people are being beaten, killed, abused.. right this moment, there are many women in the world who have no food to feed her children.. all that pain and suffering., I can see that its all leading us to the destination that it is meant to but if we are of one body.. why is so much of our body suffering? I know the answer to this. All things are as they are meant to be., All of it already seen..

Pain transforms us. We are beings of energy that create.. our thoughts create.. our emotions fuel for our thoughts.. pain is an intense emotion.. our thoughts during our times of pain have great power.. as the veil lifts and more individuals become more conscious and hold an increased vibration.. they as an individual will experience more and more Synchrodestiny. They will experience their inner thoughts being manifesting faster within their world, the veil lifting causes us to vibrate faster. The faster we vibrate.. the more energy held within our core.. our very cells become magnetized. The faster we vibrate, the faster we can manifest things into our physical experience.

We have to guard against being sucked into another persons dream because as the veil lifts and pain, fear and confusion continue to build, many humans will go crazy. We will have to be protected against this., not only physically but energetically.

As the veil lifts, more and more people will experience pain., the physical world will be stripped from us.. either that, or we will have to conform to the powers in play around us.

This world, it is not our true home.. it is a place of darkness, lies and suffering.

As the veil lifts from the 3D world, we will be opened to the fourth dimension. I’m using these terms to draw a picture. The fourth dimension, the spirit world, within this dimension.. there are many beings. Conscious beings.. humans cannot see them most of the time. The veil stops them from seeing them but they are all around us at every moment.

This is now the time to become more conscious. To increase our vibrations.. to be weaned from our dependency on the physical world. Because the physical world, it is falling apart. It is meant to. The downfall of this world will create such pain and chaos that humans will either have to adapt or they will die., to go back to the dust they are made of. But this should not scare us at all. Not if we know who and what we are.

We are beings of energy. We are not dependant on the physical air we breath to live. We are not dependant on the physical food we eat to sustain life. We do not need any thing other then what is already found within us! The dependency we experience concerning these things is programming.. lies to our true state of being.

How you experience this shift, is how it is meant to be. Every thing that will be, has already been done even before we came to be in this lifetime..

May peace be with you as you walk through the next steps in you're journey..

Love, courage, peace and blessings ~

Life is a field of unlimited possibilities. ~ Deepak Chopra

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